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Is Nao a man in Skip and Loafer? Gender roles revealed (image via P. A. Works)

Is Nao a man in Skip and Loafer? Gender roles revealed

Skip and Loafer has been a true treasure and has made its mark in the anime community, despite being overshadowed by other well-known anime titles such as Demon Slayer and Dr Stones. However, in spite of its widespread appeal, the character of Nao from Skip and Loafer has recently been the subject of heated controversy.

Ever since Nao was introduced in the series' first episode, a majority have questioned whether or not Nao is a man in Skip and Loafer, sparking controversy over gender roles. Nonetheless, this is not the first time that the fan community has been concerned about gender roles on the internet. Previously also, a similar debate ensued about Angel from Chainsaw Man.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Skip and Loafer anime/manga.

The gender of Nao in Skip and Loafer revealed

nao from ‘skip and loafer’ is canonically trans!

One of the characters from Skip and Loafer, Nao, has caused a lot of gender confusion. However, it was revealed in the manga that Nao is a canon trans woman. The fact that she is a trans woman was revealed when Mitsumi and her friends planned a get-together at her house.


Later, Nao would advise Mitsumi to inform them that her big sister is a biological male before coming to her place, revealing that the character is trans-male-to-female.

Furthermore, when Nao met Mika, one of Mitsumi's friends, she immediately cleared the air around Mika and told her to call her big sis.

Nonetheless, there are times in the series when Nao is mistaken for a man, causing confusion, before it is revealed that she is a trans woman. For example, in Skip and Loafer episode 2, when Mitsumi and Nao were travelling on a train, some passengers began to question whether Nao was a man or not.

Skip to Loafer is such a nice manga, and huhu ch 29 with Nao and Mitsumi's cute lil story 🤧🤧

Regardless, because Nao was a cast member in the series, fans were pleased to see a trans character in the show. Furthermore, the fandom was pleased with how she was portrayed in the anime and manga series and how her identity is accepted so casually in the anime without creating any issues. Nao is shown to be witty, encouraging, and fashionable, as well as an aunt who adores her niece, all of which combine to make a fantastic, well-written character.

Not only that, but those who have already read the manga are eagerly awaiting season 2 of the anime - despite the fact that season 1 is currently airing - in order to see Nao's backstory. Mitsuki Saiga, who is well-known for providing the voices of many other characters, including Yelena from Attack on Titan, Henry Legolant from Black Clover, Maria Ross from Fullmetal Alchemist, Shintaro from Inuyasha, and many others, is Nao's voice actor.


Final thoughts


In recent years, the LGBTQ community has been dominating the news in almost every significant area, including anime, and a sizable trans population around the world enjoys watching various anime series. However, trans characters have occasionally been unfairly used as the punchline in anime series jokes.

For instance, One Piece recently faced criticism for its portrayal of LGBTQ characters.

Over time, however, character creation has become much better, and well-made trans characters like Nao from Skip and Loafer have been crafted in a way that has not caused any controversy for unfair portrayal.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga updates as 2023 progresses.

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