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Haruka Asahina as seen in the Overtake! anime (Image via TROYCA)

Is there an Overtake manga? Origins of the anime series, explained

Racing fans have wanted to get their hands on the Overtake manga ever since they watched the anime. Following the premiere of the Overtake! anime, fans found out about the series' synopsis. While they found the story to be thrilling, several fans wanted to read the series' manga. Unfortunately for them, the anime is an original series, meaning that there is no manga for the series.

Overtake! is an anime that focuses on the F4 Japanese Championship. When freelance photographer Kouya Madoka was having trouble in his career, he happened to meet high school F4 racer Haruka Asahina. Following that, their lives intertwined with each other as both of them wanted to reach their goals.


Overtake manga: Does the racing anime have a manga?

Haruka Asahina as seen in the Overtake! anime (Image via TROYCA)

No, Overtake manga does not exist. The anime is an original series produced by the collaboration of Kadokawa and TROYCA. The story for the anime is written by Ayumi Sekine. She has previously worked in the IDOLiSH7 franchise, the Fate franchise, and WATAMOTE. Meanwhile, the anime was directed by Ei Aoki, who has previously also worked in the Fate franchise. Additionally, he was also involved in other anime like Bakemonogatari, Angel Beats!, and Re:CREATORS.

Given that Overtake manga does not exist, it is difficult to say if the series would even receive a second season. That said, if the anime does become successful, there remains a possibility that a Mangaka could be hired to illustrate an Overtake manga series. Following that, a second season could also be a possibility. For now, the Overtake! anime has been listed for 12 episodes.


Where to watch the Overtake! anime?

Kouya Madoka as seen in the Overtake! anime (Image via TROYCA)

Overtake! anime is available to watch on Japanese television networks like AT-X, TOKYO MX, Sun TV, BS11, TV Aichi, KBS Kyoto, and others. Additionally, the anime has been licensed by streaming giant Crunchyroll to stream the series outside of Asia.


Meanwhile, Medialink licensed the series in Southeast Asia and Oceania. This is in exception of Australia and New Zealand. Hence, Overtake! anime will be available to stream on the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel. Fortunately for fans, one does not need to become an Ani-One Asia Ultra member to watch the anime, meaning that the anime is available to watch for free.

What is Overtake! anime about?

Haruka Asahina as seen in the Overtake! anime (Image via TROYCA)

Overtake! anime follows two characters Kouya Madoka and Haruka Asahina. Kouya Madoka is a freelance photographer who was in the midst of a slump following a certain incident. As he tried to deal with the same, he started working on a story at the Fuji International Speedway. During his work at the location, he happened to meet the high school F4 racer Haruka Asahina.

Watching Asahina race caused Madoka to regain his heart as he became interested in racing again. Thus, Madoka decided to support Asahina and Kamaki Motors. He wanted to help the racer make his dream come true, and thus, he started attending Asahina's races. Despite the fact that both characters are very different, their lives start intersecting with each other's.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of Overtake manga, the anime is the only way to consume the series.

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