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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 (Image via MAPPA)

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20: Aoi Todo saves Yuji as Mahito unlocks Black Flash

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 (otherwise styled as Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 44) reveals the status of Nobara Kugisaki and continues the fight between Mahito and Yuji until Aoi Todo comes to save the latter. The episode also features Mechamaru’s final goodbye.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 adapted three chapters (126-128) and a few pages from chapter 133. Studio Mappa once again changed the timeline to be more faithful to the chronology than to the narrative as Mangaka Gege Akutami intended it. However, the pacing was faster than the previous two episodes.


In the previous episode, Mahito’s double tricked Nobara into letting her guard down as the Original used Idle Transfiguration on her. Nobara lamented that she could not reunite with her friends Fumi and Saori. She left Yuji with some emotional parting words before succumbing to her injuries.

Disclaimer: The article contains analysis and mention of canon typical violence. Readers’ discretion is advised.


Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 shows Aoi Todo’s entry and Mechamaru’s farewell

Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara in the past (Image via MAPPA)

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 is titled “Right and Wrong, part 3.”

The episode begins with a flashback of Yuji and Megumi’s schooldays with Nobara. Once they had destroyed Gojo’s expensive shirt, which bound them closer to each other.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 immediately cuts to Nobara’s prone body on the floor and Yuji losing his mind right beside her. The narration specifies that as the trauma of the massacre, losing to Choso, and then losing Nanami has been piling on Yuji, he has been losing his willpower.

Noabara’s death was the final nail on the coffin, leading Yuji to completely break down and lose any resolve to fight.


Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20: The sparks of black

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Mahito took advantage of this situation and used Black Flash on Yuji. The narration revealed that with the right technique and talent, even a Curse could muster Black Flash. Mahito taunted Yuji that he had come to Shibuya hoping to eradicate some puny Curses as if the sorcerers were doing pest control.

With such half-hearted resolve, Yuji had failed to realize that this was a war between the Curses and the humans; between the truth and the Sorcerers’ narrow view of Justice. This was a clash between the nature of a Curse to kill without thinking and the human disposition to save without thinking. This Clash would determine who would survive as the dominant species.

Mahito remarked that Yuji had never counted how many Curses he had “killed,” just like Mahito never counted how many humans he killed. As Yuji lay still and defeated, Mahito tried to deliver the final blow. However, he found himself on the other end of the platform as Aoi Todo used his Boogie Woogie to exchange their positions.


Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20: We are the exception

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Mahito recognized Todo as the one who had battled Hanami before. Yuji wailed that he had set out to help people, but he had lost the people he loved and became the instrument for a massacre. Todo reminded him that they were Jujutsu Sorcerers who had the duty to carry on the will of their fallen. Their work affected not only them but a larger mass.

A good death - a rational death – might not be in the cards for a Sorcerer. While searching for such a death and striving towards it was admirable, a Jujutsu sorcerer must continue to fight as long as they do not encounter said death. To live was to battle; such was the fate of a Jujustu Sorcerer, and such was the will of his comrades that Yuji had been entrusted with.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 then showed Todo and Arata entering the Shintoshin platform at 11.09 pm and finding that pseudo-Geto (Kenjaku) had absconded with Gojo and the Prison realm. This shifted the focus of their mission from rescuing Gojo to saving fellow Jujutsu Sorcerers. However, looking at Yuji’s state, Todo chose to keep this information to himself.


Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20: Arata Nitta and Nobara Kugisaki

Arata heals Yuji (Image via MAPPA)

Todo was accompanied by Kyoto High First-year Arata Nitta (Akari’s brother). Arata’s Cursed Technique allowed him to freeze injuries at their current state, meaning that whatever injury Yuji had incurred would not get any worse, and all bleeding would also stop.

However, any damage Yuji might take in the future will affect him as they should. Arata employed the Technique on both Yuji and Nobara. While Nobara had no pulse and was not breathing, Arata assured Yuji that the chance of her survival wasn’t zero.

Arata retreated with Nobara as Yuji regained his resolve. As Todo and Mahito continued to battle, Yuji cut in and hit the Curse with Black Flash. The battle continued as Todo also hit Mahito with Black Flash.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 narration stated that all three fighters had brought out 120% of their potential. Mahito calculated that Todo’s soul was whole while Yuji’s soul only had 10% left. Mahito himself had 40% of his soul left, a damage he attributed to Nobara’s attack.


To widen the scope of the battle, Mahito broke the roof of the station and brought all three of them above ground as the fight continued.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20: Mechamaru’s farewell

Mechamaru's farewell to Miwa in Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 (Image via MAPPA)

Elsewhere, on a train away from Shibuya, one of Mechamaru’s drones had found Miwa. The drone revealed to her that Mechamaru had put Miwa, Mai, Momo, Kamo, and Utahime on a train away from Shibuya because he did not want them to die.

Todo was allowed to go because he would survive, and Arata was allowed to accompany him because his Cursed Techniques would be useful. This led Miwa to wonder if Mechamaru never asked for help because she had been so weak and useless.

But Mechamaru assured her that it wasn’t for her, but rather, he was the one who could not bear the thought of any harm coming to her. With the last of his cursed Energy vanishing, Mechamaru bade his final farewell to Miwa. As she broke down crying, the rest of the Kyoto group resolved to go to Shibuya.

Final thoughts

Yuji and Todo in Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 (Image via MAPPA)

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 was the sigh of relief the fandom desperately needed after two back-to-back losses. The episode also came with some hope for Nobara. It is interesting how the narrative repeatedly reminded Yuji, and the audience by proxy, not to have any hope of Nobara’s survival while reinforcing the fact that her chances of survival weren’t completely nil.

Mangaka Akutami hasn’t been this vague about any deaths in the manga, and this is the key reason why many fans have held out hope for Nobara’s return despite her prolonged absence. On the other hand, this episode cemented the fact that Nanami was truly gone, and Yuji had finally accepted it.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 highlighted how necessary Todo is for someone like Yuji. Todo’s speech, his faith, and solidity influenced and encouraged Yuji to get out of his slump. Simultaneously, Yuji’s presence helps Todo push himself past his limits as well.

Yuji's memory of Nanami in Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 20 (image via MAPPA)

The further one goes into the upcoming Culling Game arc and beyond, the clearer it becomes that everything that happened in Shibuya affected Yuji terribly and instead of processing it, he repressed it deep within his psyche. This trauma will come back to haunt him. However, at this moment, he needed the resolve to fight, and Aoi Todo granted him that.


The upcoming episode will feature the true extent of Mahito’s evolution and adaptability. It is set to be the final episode of this battle and will likely end with the infamous “Yuji Chasing Mahito” scene. If Mappa continues this adaptation pace, then the second season may cover the entirety of the Shibuya Arc.

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