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Chihiro as seen in Kagurabachi (Image via X/ @Shiikono)

Kagurabachi chapter 3 spoilers and raw scans: Chihiro and Shiba meet the eyewitness as troubles lurk in the corner

Kagurabachi chapter 3 was expected to show Chihiro and Shiba meeting the person who gave them the intel about the Katana in Tokyo, and it did. The latest spoilers and raw scans released for the chapter have revealed the informant's identity and presented numerous facts about the Katana's sightings. The official chapter will be released on October 2, 2023, at 12 am JST.

The previous chapter of Kagurabachi highlighted Chihiro's past and teased the six enchanted blades his father, Kunishige Rokuhira, made. It was revealed that the protagonist walked on a blood-filled path to avenge his father's death and retrieve the six stolen Katanas. At the end of the chapter, Shiba told Chihiro that someone had seen one of the six katanas.


Kagurabachi chapter 3 spoilers show Chihiro meeting the unexpected eyewitness as he prepares to fight his next battle

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According to the spoilers, the Kagurabachi chapter 3 is titled Eyewitness. The chapter begins with Chihiro and Shiba arriving at a building to meet a girl named Hinao, who presumably works there. The spoilers revealed that she was the one who informed Shiba about the enchanted blade's sightings in Tokyo. According to Hinao, she came across the information about the blade from a little girl who came looking for help.

As such, she gave the girl shelter and informed Shiba of the Katana's sightings. At the building, the little girl tells Hinao about being chased by a man holding the "Strongest sword in the world." She then requests Chihiro and Shiba to protect her. Shiba thinks the girl is spitting nonsense, but Chihiro tells him that he wants to hear the whole story from the girl.

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Due to her manner of speech, Shiba feels like the girl is playing around and tells her to go home. However, she tells Shiba that she doesn't have a home to go to. The man then asks her where her parents are, but she puts her head down and doesn't answer.

Kagurabachi chapter 3 spoilers and raw scans then see Chihiro understanding the situation. He asks the girl whether she's hungry, as he can hear her stomach growling. Chihiro then asks her what she would like to eat, and she tells him she would like to have a bowl of Tempura Soba.

Kagurabachi cover image (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)

The spoilers for Kagurabachi chapter 3 then see Chihiro, Shiba, and the little eyewitness going to a restaurant. Outside, Shiba reminisces on how the dark-haired protagonist has always been good about caring for others, mainly because he always had to take care of his clumsy father.

At the soba shop, the little girl reveals that her name is Char, and Shiba feels that her introduction is quite late. Nonetheless, he goes on to introduce Chihiro and himself. Chihiro explains to Char that the place they are going to isn't a fun-filled place and then enquires why the bad guys were chasing her. However, just like the previous time, she hesitates to answer.

Chihiro, as seen in the manga (Image via Takeru Hokazono/Shueisha)

According to Kagurabachi chapter 3 spoilers, Chihiro then asks Char if she can take them to the bad guys' location. The girl then asks him whether the soba is an agreement to protect her. After a while, Chihiro asks the little eyewitness about the "Strong sword" and what it seemed like.

As per Kagurabachi chapter 3 spoilers, Char tells the protagonist that she saw clouds coming out of the Katana. Based on the description, Chihiro can make a rough guess that it's most likely an enchanted katana forged by his father.

He then enquired if the person she saw had a flame symbol on his hand, but the girl couldn't answer as she wasn't sure. However, according to Char's story, the person must have had lackeys.

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While discussing the Katana's sightings, trouble starts behind them as a man kills an employee of the store. According to Kagurabachi chapter 3 spoilers and rawscans, the person who killed the man summons a daruma doll. Chihiro apologizes to Char for doubting her and feels that the sorcerer was linked to the enchanted Katana's owner.

He begins to wonder who Char really is but decides that there are other important things to do at that time. Kagurabachi chapter 3 spoilers then show the unnamed sorcerer capturing Char, who screams at Chihiro, asking for help. The dark-haired protagonist then unsheathes his sword and prepares to fight the sorcerer.

According to Kagurabachi chapter 3 spoilers, the preview for the next chapter is:

"Vs. the sorcerer! The true power of the enchanted blade is!?"

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