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Link Click key visual (Image via LAN Studio)

Link Click season 3 officially confirmed: Tentative release window, cast, plot, and more

Link Click season 3 has become a highly anticipated sequel following the conclusion of the Chinese donghua's latest season. The cryptic ending of the latest installment has sparked curiosity among fans, as they cannot wait to find out more about the narrative involving Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi. Much to the fans' hype, the creators have finally given a positive update regarding the third season.

Undoubtedly, the latest season has unraveled plenty of mysteries surrounding the antagonists and their motives. It also delved into explaining fascinating aspects of Lu Guang and his connection to Cheng Xiaoshi. However, just like the previous season, Season 2 ended on a rather puzzling note. As such, fans want a continuation of the story in the form of Link Click season 3.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from Link Click Season 2.

Link Click Season 3 might arrive in late 2025

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On September 22, 2023, the official X (formerly Twitter) account of Link Click (@sgdlr_official) confirmed that the series will return once again following the conclusion of the second season. The rough translation of the tweet reads:

"The second season of "Agent of Time" has officially concluded. From midsummer to early autumn, this is the only road of destiny. Thank you for your support and companionship. The show has not ended yet, and I look forward to opening a new chapter of the continuation with you all"

While the staff has basically confirmed Link Click season 3 via this tweet, they haven't announced a release date yet. However, fans would be happy to know that the gap between the first two seasons of Link Click was around 2 years. Produced by LAN Studio, the first season premiered on April 21, 2021, while the second season released its first episode on July 14, 2023.

Following this sequence, there's a possibility that Link Click season 3 may be released in late 2025. Considering the official staff of this Chinese animation has already announced the story's continuation, the third season is likely to be under production soon.


Where to watch Link Click

Lu Guang as seen in Link Click (Image via LAN Studios)

While waiting for Link Click season 3 to drop, new fans can check out the earlier two seasons. Both seasons are available for streaming on the popular video-sharing platforms Bilibili and Crunchyroll. The latter platform also has the donghua in an English-dubbed version.

Cast and staff for Link Click Season 3

Link Click (Image via Lan Studio)

Although the official X handle hasn't announced anything regarding the cast and staff for Link Click season 3 yet, it's highly probable that the previous cast and staff will return to reprise their roles. The show is likely to be produced by LAN Studio once again, with Li Haoling at the helm of affairs.

While Su Shangqing will take on the role of Cheng Xiaoshi, Link Click season 3 may also see Yang Tianxiang returning as Lu Guang, Li Shimeng as Qiao Ling, Wai Wai as Chen Xiao, Tute Hameng as Xiao Li, Wei Chao as Qian Jin, and others.

The general plot of Link Click

Cheng Xiaoshi as seen in Link Click (Image LAN Studio)

One of the top-rated Donghua of all time, Link Click exhibits a fascinating blend of time travel, supernatural, mystery, and thriller. The story basically revolves around the protagonists, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, both of whom possess supernatural powers.

According to the narrative, both Cheng and Lu can go back in time through pictures and fulfill various requests of their clients. While Lu Guang has the ability to see everything that happens in a picture within 12 hours of it being taken, Cheng Xiaoshi can directly dive into the picture and possess the photographer's body.

Link Click season 2 (Image via LAN Studio)

While inside the picture, Cheng is directed by Lu on what he can or cannot do. As the narrative progresses, Lu and Cheng come face-to-face with an adversary they must overcome at any cost to save innocent lives. Tangled by the complexity of time, the protagonists need to find a way to unravel the mysteries with their own powers.

What to expect in Link Click Season 3

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Link Click Season 3 is expected to follow the events of the second season and provide more information regarding the true connection between Cheng Xiaoshi and his partner, Lu Guang. It was revealed that while Cheng Xiaoshi died in one of the timelines, Lu Guang was successful in saving him.

However, as Lu once mentioned, death is an important node that cannot be changed. As such, the plot of Link Click season 3 might see the protagonists coming up with ways to change the impossible. On the other hand, the third season might focus on Liu Min's brother, Liu Xiao, and his connection to the entire narrative.

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