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Aoyama has always been a flashy character in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: 10 most absurd hero names

Hero names in My Hero Academia typically convey a sense of power and might. For the most part, they are thematically appropriate for each character.

However, the series can be very silly at times. Some of its heroes name themselves after their ridiculous appearance and abilities. For every Chargebolt or Red Riot, there is a Grape Juice and Sugar Man.


With that in mind, My Hero Academia fans should definitely not underestimate these characters. Their names can elicit a chuckle or two, but it's all serious business with these heroes.

Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer and contains minor spoilers from the manga.


The most ridiculous hero names in My Hero Academia

10) Laundry Hero: Wash (Susugu Mitarai)


My Hero Academia has a lot of weird character designs. Suzugu Mitarai resembles a washing machine, so he named himself after cleaning methods.

The number eight Pro Hero doesn't like to fight dirty. Instead, he prefers to scrub away villains with the Clean Bubbler Quirk. He also repeatedly utters his own hero name, similar to Pikachu, who constantly says "pika, pika."


9) Tsuburaba (Kosei Tsuburaba)


This Class 1-B student barely deserves any points for creativity.

Most heroes base their names on their Quirks. However, Kosei Tsuburaba simply chose to go by his real name. This defeats the purpose of a secret identity altogether.

A man who could make air prisons with his breath should've definitely come up with a more clever title.

8) Mines (Nirengeki Shoda)


The rough English translation of Nirengeki Shoda's hero name is "Mindz." There is no clear indication of what his name is supposed to mean. Even if there were, a name like Mines doesn't sound impressive.

Perhaps his name refers to the explosiveness of his Quirk. This Dragon Ball Z cosplayer uses the Twin Impact Quirk. Whenever a target is hit by something, he can make a second impact.

7) Chewyee (Nagamasa Mora)


Kohei Horikoshi is a very avid fan of the Star Wars series, so it's not surprising that he named a student hero after Chewbacca. Nagamasa Mora definitely shares very similar traits, especially his full coat of fur.

One has to wonder if there is a Star Wars equivalent in My Hero Academia. Otherwise, the name Chewyee would have no particular meaning in that universe.

6) Pinky (Mina Ashido)


A person named Pinky doesn't sound dangerous at all. However, this assumption couldn't be any more wrong in My Hero Academia.

Mina Ashido can melt solid objects with her Acid Quirk. Sadly, the young student could've had a much better name.

Back in the Field Training arc, Ashido wanted to call herself the Alien Queen. For some reason, Midnight thought it was too derivative and forced a name change right away. My Hero Academia fans have been stuck with Pinky ever since.

5) Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice (Minoru Mineta)


With his tiny stature and cowardly nature, Minoru Mineta couldn't even intimidate a child. Naming himself after fruit (Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice) is not going to help matters.

While he isn't going to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, Mineta is still a very crafty fighter. He can bind anything together with his Pop Off Quirk.

Mineta is the perfect example of why appearances can be deceiving.

4) Sweets Hero: Sugarman (Rikido Sato)


Only in My Hero Academia can someone immediately increase their muscle mass with a heavy dose of sugar. "Sweets Hero: Sugarman" is a rather fitting name for Rikido Sato. His Sugar Rush Quirk can be activated by ingesting 10 grams of sugar.

Sato has found a way to make sweet cakes a dangerous ingredient in My Hero Academia. He can do some real damage with his strength.

3) Best Jeanist (Tsunagu Hakamada)


It's hard to believe that a fashion model could become a top hero in Japan. A name like Best Jeanist is perfectly absurd, yet it works with Tsunagu Hakamada's Fiber Master abilities.

Best Jeanist may seem like a walking pair of jeans, but rest assured, he always takes his job seriously. The Pro Hero even managed to hold off All For One back in the Hideout Raid, if only for a few seconds.

2) Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling (Yuga Aoyama)


Heroes rarely use full sentences in their very name. During the Field Training arc, Yuga Aoyama broke convention with his rather unique title, "Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling." He decided to name himself after his flashy tendencies.

Class 1-A was completely shocked when Midnight accepted the name. All she did was remove the "I" from "I Can't Stop Twinkling." Keep in mind that she rejected Mina Ashido's "Alien Queen," an infinitely better title.

Aoyama's hero name sounds like it came from a legendary Yu-Gi-Oh monster. My Hero Academia fans often joke about how endangered civilians would have to call for help by using that ridiculous title.

1) Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight (Katsuki Bakugo)


My Hero Academia fans can easily be forgiven for thinking "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight" sounds more like a villain's name. There is hardly anything heroic about explosions and murder. Nonetheless, only someone like Katsuki Bakugo can pull it off.

During the Field Training arc, Bakugo originally wanted to go with "King Explosion Murder." Midnight rejected the name without hesitation, considering it too violent for a hero. Predictably, Bakugo didn't take it well.

It wouldn't be until much later in the series that Bakugo would finally claim his hero name. Somehow, it's even more bombastic than his original idea. His new title is as loud and obnoxious as the boy himself.

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