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Bakugo's default facial expression (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: 4 characters that Bakugo can beat (and 4 he can’t)

Katsuki Bakugo is as fierce as he is ferocious in My Hero Academia.

Izuku Midoriya may be the strongest member of Class 1-A, but Bakugo is not far behind. At the beginning of the series, he placed first in both the Sports Festival and U.A. Entrance Exam.


Bakugo is known for his reckless abandonment. However, he is also highly perceptive when the situation calls for it.

Bakugo has only gotten much stronger in My Hero Academia. His Explosion Quirk can be used for a variety of purposes, such as distracting enemies and flying midair. He can fight almost anybody in the series.

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My Hero Academia characters that Bakugo can beat


1) Juzo Honenuki

Juzo Honenuki is a recommended student from Class 1-B. He is extremely versatile with his Softening Quirk.

Using the Quirk, Juzo can effectively trap enemies. He can also swim away safely, allowing him to navigate obstacles.


Nonetheless, Bakugo has a history of easily defeating Class 1-B students, such as Setsuna Tokage in the Joint Training arc.

Juzo lacks direct combat abilities since he mostly focuses on setting up traps. Close-range combat will not be his specialty in this fight.

Bakugo can simply float over the softened areas that Juzo creates and blast him with an explosion. This is a very poor matchup for the Class 1-B student.

2) Inasa Yoarashi


Inasa Yoarashi is a recommended student who got a top score for the U.A. Entrance Exam, specifically among recommended students. He can summon powerful gusts of wind and control its trajectory.

However, it won't do much against Bakugo's fast explosions. His attacks begin and end too quickly, which means Inasa cannot redirect them.

Of course, this only works if Bakugo maintains a close distance. It won't be easy, considering that Inasa can float in the air for extended periods of time.

This will ultimately be a battle of stamina and endurance. Based on feats alone, Bakugo has a slight advantage here.

3) Goto Imasuji - Muscular


Muscular is a freakishly strong brute in My Hero Academia. Izuku Midoriya could barely defeat him back in the Forest Training Camp arc. With that said, Bakugo has more options here.

First and foremost, Bakugo can float in the air to avoid Muscular's attacks. He can also fire explosive shots from a faraway distance. It won't be easy, but Bakugo can pull off the upset here.

The Class 1-A student is also much smarter than Muscular, according to official databooks for My Hero Academia. Bakugo could easily formulate the right strategy against the villain.

4) Shoto Todoroki


Bakugo was clearly not satisfied with his victory at the Sports Festival. He believes that Shoto Todoroki threw the entire match. My Hero Academia fans would love to see how Round 2 would transpire.

This would be a very difficult match for Bakugo. Shoto has far greater reach with his elemental Quirk. Since he controls fire and ice, he can also switch up his tactics between a protective ice wall and a blazing inferno.

However, Shoto often questions himself in the heat of the moment. Bakugo is not only firm in his resolve, but he also has speed on his side. He is a very aggressive fighter who constantly moves.

By comparison, Shoto is very stationary and lacks powerful close-range attacks. If Bakugo closes the gap between them, Shoto will be at a significant disadvantage.

My Hero Academia characters that Bakugo can't beat

1) Rikiya Yotsubashi - Re-Destro


Simply put, Re-Destro's attacking range is far greater than Bakugo's. The villain also has a size and strength advantage.


Bakugo could try attacking his prosthetic legs, but he would have to avoid Re-Destro's bursts of energy. The latter can manifest stress into projectiles, which means he can also fight long-distance battles.

The biggest issue will be Stress 100%, especially if Re-Destro uses his Claustro battle armor. Bakugo wouldn't be able to survive a direct hit. Tomura Shigaraki only did so because he used his Decay Quirk.

2) Gigantomachia


Gigantomachia can destroy entire cities in My Hero Academia. Bakugo would have to maintain his distance against the monstrous brute. Of course, the issue is that his powerful explosions aren't strong enough.

The biggest problem with fighting Gigantomachia is his godly endurance and stamina. Shigaraki and the League of Villains spent a month and a half fighting him, only to fail their mission.

Even if Bakugo takes breaks, Gigantomachia would outlast him in a fight. The Class 1-A student is physically gifted in My Hero Academia, but his body does have limitations.

3) Tomura Shigaraki


Tomura Shigaraki can end lives with a single touch via his Decay Quirk. Bakugo would have to constantly stay in the air to avoid getting hit. Unfortunately, that requires exertion on his part, which means he can't do it forever.

Bakugo is a high-risk taker in My Hero Academia. Whenever he sees an opening, he cannot let it pass him by.

Bakugo's explosive fighting style makes him difficult to deal with, but Shigaraki controls the battle. Every move that Bakugo makes is dependent on not letting the villain touch him.

Unfortunately, the margin of error is not on Bakugo's side. Shigaraki can spread his Decay throughout entire landscapes. The moment Bakugo makes a mistake or passes out from exhaustion, this match is over.

4) Izuku Midoriya


Deku and Bakugo are destined rivals in My Hero Academia. They always strive to surpass each other. With that said, Deku's OFA Quirk gives him a major advantage, especially when combined with multiple Quirks.

For example, Deku can use Fa Jin to build up his kinetic energy. He can also float in the air and use smokescreens to cover himself.

Deku can basically do anything that Bakugo can do. Of course, the real difference-maker lies in the OFA Quirk. Bakugo simply cannot match that attacking power.

It will be a very close fight, but Deku will likely prevail in the end. His multiple Quirks give him several different approaches in a combat situation.

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