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Some flames burn even hotter than hellfire (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: 8 of Dabi’s best fights, ranked

Anytime he gets a chance to fight, Dabi always brings the fire to My Hero Academia.

Fans have always loved Dabi for his cool design and flashy Quirk. Nonetheless, he is a tragic villain who is deeply troubled by his past. With a nihilistic outlook on life, this character just wants to burn everything to the ground.


Dabi doesn't often get a chance to fight in My Hero Academia. Regardless, his brief scenes always carry emotional weight.

Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer and contains major spoilers from the manga.


Dabi's most heated battles in My Hero Academia

8) League of Villains versus Gigantomachia (Meta Liberation Army arc)


The League of Villains has been fighting this monstrous brute for several days at this point, but he showed no signs of stopping. Gigantomachia's power level is among the highest in My Hero Academia.

Dabi got to show off the impressive range of his Quirk by completely engulfing Gigantomachia. However, the giant wasn't even phased by such a powerful technique. Keep in mind that Dabi's Quirk burns much hotter than Endeavor's.

In the end, the League of Villains was no match for the beast.


7) Dabi versus Endeavor and Hawks (Pro Hero arc)


This is more of a brief skirmish than a full-on fight in My Hero Academia. However, there is a lot of emotional intensity in this encounter. For context, Endeavor and Hawks just barely defeated a High-End Nomu.

Dabi had the Pro Heroes surrounded with his fiery Quirk. Before he could do anything further, Mirko intervened on the heroes' behalf.

Fans have already speculated that Dabi was connected to the Todoroki family. Long before that reveal, this confrontation gave them a reason to believe that was the case. Dabi outrightly calls Endeavor by his real name, Enji Todoroki.

6) League of Villains versus Snatch (Shie Hassaikai arc)


For the most part, Dabi is a very stoic individual. He rarely displays any kind of emotion in My Hero Academia. However, this particular fight weighed down on him.

The League of Villains needed to crash a convoy truck carrying Overhaul, yet Snatch wasn't going to let that happen.

The Pro Hero kept the villains occupied with his sand Quirk. Sadly, he met his end when he was compressed into a ball by Dabi's flames. Before his death, he asked Dabi if he had ever thought about his victims and their loved ones.

My Hero Academia would revisit this scene during the Pro Hero arc. Dabi was so deeply affected by these last words that he cried tears of blood.

5) Pro Heroes versus Twice Doubles (My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising)


The League of Villains attacked yet another convoy with a villain inside. However, they intended on saving this one for Doctor Kyudai. The Pro Heroes weren't going to make it easy.

Technically, Dabi himself wasn't involved in this fight. It was really a Twice clone that used his powers. Regardless, fans still get to see a fiery clash between Dabi and Endeavor. It's purely fan service, but that's what makes it fun to watch. What also helps is the high-speed chase scene.

The contrast of flame colors really brings out the high-quality animation of this movie. Ultimately, Endeavor's Prominence Burn proved too much for the clones.

4) Dabi versus Geten (Meta Liberation Army arc)


Fire versus ice is always a classic shonen trope, even in My Hero Academia. Despite having a type advantage, Dabi had a difficult time against Geten.

Geten ended up freezing the water throughout Deika City, which he could freely control. Dabi could barely dodge the widespread destruction of Geten's attacks. Even worse, his skin was starting to peel off.

The match ended in a draw after the interference of Gigantomachia. Dabi and Geten pushed themselves past their limits here.

At the very least, fans got to enjoy Dabi's first major one-on-one fight.

3) Dabi versus Fumikage Tokoyami (Paranormal Liberation War arc)


Fumikage only had mere seconds to save his mentor Hawks, whose feathers were completely burned by Dabi. The Class 1-A student was completely outclassed in this battle, but he wasn't going to give up.

Tsukuyomi spent most of this fight on the defensive, considering the offensive capabilities of Dabi's fire. Nonetheless, he managed to escape with Hawks via an untimely distraction from Geten.

My Hero Academia fans can definitely appreciate Fumikage getting a chance to shine. Dabi was truly a threatening villain in this scene, so the Class 1-A student had no choice but to run.

2) Dabi and Twice versus Hawks (Paranormal Liberation War arc)

I'm happy Dabi is not resenting Twice because of this (that'll probably give Twice a lil happiness to hear) but is this gonna be a 2 on 1 with Hawks? And those two?? Oh no, no I don't wanna Hawks to perish.

My Hero Academia fans were saddened by the outcome of this particular fight. Hawks befriended Twice so he could infiltrate the villain's main headquarters, only to have him killed here.

Dabi took full advantage of the situation for his own sick pleasure. It turns out that he was the second person in this fight to manipulate the mentally ill Twice. Dabi recorded everything so he could ruin the public image of pro heroes.

It's a very heartbreaking scene that My Hero Academia fans will never forget. What makes it sadder is that Twice's murderer felt more sorry about his death than Dabi ever did.

1) Dabi versus Shoto (final unnamed arc)

shoto calling dabi out all the while never invalidating his experience as a neglect victim. instead offering him to take it all out on him, bc he knows dabi needs this, knows he can't save or stop him until dabi feels as though he's finally let out all of his pent up rage

My Hero Academia fans have been waiting for this match ever since the Forest Training Camp arc.

Kohei Horikoshi dropped several hints that Dabi was secretly Toya Todoroki. He was driven to madness by his father, who ended up replacing him with Shoto as the family's top prospect.

Fueled by anger and jealousy, Dabi always resented his younger brother. They finally have a chance to settle their differences in this final battle. It's among the most anticipated fights in My Hero Academia.

Dabi versus Shoto is going to be an emotionally draining experience for the fans. This family matter is extremely personal for both sides involved.

No matter the result, My Hero Academia fans will need to get some tissues ready.


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