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Shoto Todoroki can effectively use two Quirks (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: 8 strongest attacks from Shoto Todoroki

Even the strongest fighters in My Hero Academia would prefer to avoid Shoto Todoroki's attacks.

This Class 1-A student has a very powerful grasp on his Quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot. He can generate fire and ice in very creative ways. For that reason, he was highly recommended to U.A. High School.


Shoto will likely become a great hero, just like his father. He is right up there with Katsuki Bakugo in terms of power level. His elemental powers give him a decided advantage in battle.

Once he fully realizes his potential in My Hero Academia, the sky is the limit for Shoto.

Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer and contains major spoilers from the manga.


My Hero Academia: 8 most powerful attacks from Shoto Todoroki


1) Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall

Hanta Sero was the unlucky recipient of this move back in the Sports Festival. Shoto uses the right side of his body to unleash a gigantic ice wave on his opponent. He can freeze anything within his attack range.

This is a strong yet deceptively fast technique in My Hero Academia. He can pull it off within less than a second.


Of course, his emotional state of mind also plays a factor in this attack. Before he took out Sero in the Sports Festival, Shoto was very unhappy with his father.

2) Wall of Flames


This is the fiery counterpart to Shoto's ice wall technique. The youngster can release a huge burst of flames in his surrounding area.

Wall of Flames has many different uses in My Hero Academia. It is a multi-directional attack that can hit several opponents at the same time. More importantly, it also gives Shoto enough space between his targets.

The resulting heatwave almost melted Tetsutetsu in the Joint Training arc, despite the strength of his steel defenses. With that said, the Class 1-B student should be grateful for his survival.

3) Flashfreeze Heatwave


Shoto combines fire and ice for destructive results.

First, he causes a chilling effect with his ice powers. Shortly afterwards, he heats up the air to expand it. By doing so, he can perform long-range attacks with his fire beams.

Shoto also gets to control the surrounding environment to his liking. He first demonstrated this against Izuku Midoriya at the Sports Festival. The latter had to use his powerful OFA Quirk just to withstand the Flashfreeze Heatwave.

4) Flashfire Fist


Flashfire Fist is the signature technique of the Todoroki family. All the main fighters in the family can use this ability in My Hero Academia.

Users can raise their fire temperatures to their maximum limit. Their attacks will become extremely hot, allowing the user to melt through anything. Better yet, they will also receive a massive speed boost.

Of course, there is a major downside to Flashfire Fist. Users must be very careful not to overheat their bodies.

5) Jet Kindling


This super move requires some prior setup with Flashfire Fist.

Shoto concentrates his white-hot temperatures into a powerful fist. After punching his target, he will release a fiery explosion that engulfs the surrounding area. Its massive radius is a sight to behold.

Jet Kindling is strong enough to defeat the villainous Leviathan in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.

6) Phosphor

Flashfire Phosphor (MHA 351)

lets gooo shotoooo

#Todoroki #mha351 #MHA352

Throughout most of My Hero Academia, Shoto's fire and ice abilities were limited to a particular side of his body:

  • Left side: fire and heat
  • Right side: ice and cold

During his fight with Dabi in the final arc, Shoto bypassed these restrictions altogether. Phosphor allows him to channel fire and ice throughout his entire body. He achieves this by using his own heart as a generator.

Shoto can effectively use cold fire with this special ability. It also gives him access to his strongest moves in My Hero Academia. However, if he loses focus, his technique will no longer work.

7) Coldflame's Pale Blade

Icebound Crash Coldflame’s Pale Blade

By activating Phosphor, Shoto can throw the combined force of fire and ice at his opponent. It's great for close-range combat in My Hero Academia.

The move is powerful enough to withstand Dabi's Blueflame Quirk without melting away. It also launched him backwards at a great distance. Keep in mind that Dabi is among the most powerful villains in the series.

8) Great Glacial Aegir

An Over-Analysis of Shoto's Last Attack:

Shoto uses Great Glacial Aegir. Aegir is a Jotunn in Norse mythology. The Jottun are not only associated with ice, but Aegir also has a brother named Logi, who is the personification of fire (so, Dabi basically). #MyHeroAcademia352

This is yet another special move that requires the use of Phosphor. It may also be the strongest attack in Shoto's entire arsenal.

With the power of cold fire, Shoto can release a monstrous wave that covers a massive area. This freezes anything that gets caught in the blast. The sheer cold is strong enough to extinguish Dabi's flames.

It's quite an impressive feat in My Hero Academia since those fires burn over 2000 degrees Celsius. Based on Chapter 352, Great Glacial Aegir seemingly has the power to knock out Dabi in a single blow.

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