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  • My Hero Academia chapter 383: Mina steals the spotlight as Shinso’s quirk puts the heroes ahead of the villains
Focal characters of My Hero Academia chapter 383 (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 383: Mina steals the spotlight as Shinso’s quirk puts the heroes ahead of the villains

My Hero Academia chapter 383 was published in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 17 after a two-week break from mangaka Kohei Horikoshi due to his health issues. The chapter sheds light on what took place in Jaku before Kirishima and Shinso arrived at Gunga with Gigantomachia. The chapter focuses on Mina Ashido and her struggle with Midnight’s loss.

In the previous chapter, Uraraka and Asui discovered that Toga could not get Twice’s quirk to work properly for her. Meanwhile, All For One de-aged further and made to leave for UA when Gigantomachia appeared at Gunga with Kirishima and Shinso, the latter of whom was controlling the giant. My Hero Academia chapter 383 is titled “Meek Spirits.”


My Hero Academia chapter 383 shows how the heroes brought Gigantomachia under their control

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My Hero Academia chapter 383 began with a flashback of Jaku Hospital ruins, where Gigantomachia was kept. Following Shoto’s apparent victory over Dabi in chapter 353, the heroes were put on the back foot at Jaku because the villains employed their floating quirks, which put them out of reach. Furthermore, the PLF leader who killed Midnight brandished a high-frequency device that would relay a recorded message from All for One directly to Gigantomachia.

Mount Lady, in a desperate bid to keep Machia from awakening, took help from Kodai, but her attack was in vain as the giant woke up due to his Dog quirk helping him hear AFO’s voice. Sensing the dire situation, Kirishima went to retrieve Shinsou, whom they had previously teleported to this location in case of emergencies. However, Shinsou was seen being taken over by the Sludge Villain from chapter 1, and soon even Kirishima was ensnared in danger.


“You’ve always been my hero”

My Hero Academia chapter 383 then shows Mina Ashido coming to the rescue. She used her attack, “Acidman: Alma” to melt Giagantomachia’s fingers and save Mount Lady. She then employed the same attack against the Sludge Villain and saved her classmates. Shinso quickly exerted his Control over the villain and brainwashed him. Mina reiterated that she had asked Bakugo and Todoroki for tips in order to develop her ultimate technique because she did not want to keep losing her loved ones.

Mina went on to say that she made connections with people so that they could overcome their weaknesses together. Even though she loved Midnight, she would not exact revenge on the perpetrators, because deep down they are all trying to grow beyond their weaknesses. She collapsed soon after from overtaxing herself and informed Kirishima that she had paid him back for saving her in the last war. he caught her and reminded her that it was unnecessary, as she had always been her hero.

Is the original Japanese lettering also partly hidden behind Machia? Because if so I think that layering is a pretty cool representation of how the Villain's voice is no longer reaching Machia, as Shinso's voice begins to take precedence.. 🏽
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Meanwhile, Shinso used his Persona Cords to recreate AFO’s voice and command Machia to destroy the villains who were in the air. After Machia secured their victory in Jaku, Mount Lady received a call from Tsukauchi informing her of the situation at Gunga. Soon after, My Hero Academia chapter 383 returned to the moment from chapter 382, where Gigantomachia and Mount Lady went against AFO alongside Dark Shadow and Inasa.


Final thoughts

AFO vs the heroes at the end of My Hero Academia chapter 383 (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha)

My Hero Academia chapter 383’s focus on Mina Ashido’s journey, while potent and impactful for the character, somewhat detracts from Shinso’s worth as the lynchpin. While it can be understood that the point Horikoshi is trying to make here is that several side characters come together to considerably impact an unfavorable situation, perhaps lending both Mina and Shinso their separate moments to shine would have facilitated a healthier character exposition. The chapter, although symbolically brilliant, feels like an ill-fitting link in a chain of elements that make a cohesive whole.

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