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  • My Hero Academia chapter 383 spoilers and raw scans: Mina and Kirishima’s bond deepens as Shinsou’s role in the war against Gigantomachia is revealed
Mina and Kirishima are at the center of My Hero Academia chapter 383 (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 383 spoilers and raw scans: Mina and Kirishima’s bond deepens as Shinsou’s role in the war against Gigantomachia is revealed

My Hero Academia chapter 383 returns this week in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 17. Mangaka Horikoshi had taken a long break to recover from his health issues, but no news on his current status has been revealed. The spoilers for the chapter were released on March 22, and feature a flashback of Jaku.

In the previous chapter, All For One rewound his body into a younger version of himself. He tried to escape to UA when Gigantomachia appeared at Gunga. It was revealed that Machia was under the control of Shinsou, who also showed up at the battlefield alongside Kirishima.


According to spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 383 is titled A Small Heart.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from My Hero Academia chapter 383.

My Hero Academia chapter 383 reveals how Shinsou managed to control Gigantomachia

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Kirishima says she doesn't have any debt to pay, because she has always been his hero.
Can you hear me cry

My Hero Academia chapter 383 begins with a flashback that explains how Kirishima and Shinsou showed up at Gunga with Gigantomachia. Back in Jaku, shortly after the Dabi-Shoto fight, the heroes faced a Crisis as Midnight’s killer started to make other villains float. He then used a device to project AFO’s voice loudly enough for Gigantomachia to hear it through the metal layers covering his ears.

Mount Lady, with the help of Yui Kodai, tried to subdue Machia before he woke up, but to no avail. Kirishima, meanwhile, remembered that they had transported Shinsou to Jaku for this exact situation, and went to retrieve the other boy from where he was dropped off.

However, there he saw that the Sludge Villain, who had accidentally found Shinsou shortly after Machia woke up, was trying to suffocate the boy.

Kirishima went and saved Mina last time. Now it’s Mina’s turn to save kirishima. #MHA383 #MHAspoilers

Machia was disoriented and started to overpower Mount Lady when Mina used her “Maximum Output – Acidman: Alma” (as translated in the My Hero Academia chapter 383 spoilers) attack to melt off the giant’s fingers. This attack is formed around the idea of concentrating a quirk and then releasing it, similar to Bakugo and Todoroki’s ultimate moves. Mina seemed determined to protect the people important to her as she regrets not being able to do so in the Paranormal Liberation War.


She used the same attack to free Kirishima and Shinsou from the Sludge Villain. Mina tells Midnight’s Killer that while she adored her late teacher, she would not give in to the need for revenge. Her words on making herself stronger reached the villain, who remembered the inspiring words of Re Destro. Meanwhile, Shinsou had finished brainwashing the Sludge Villain and went on to use AFO’s voice to control Machia.

I like how horikoshi is showing how storng afo is, hopefully we will get more action of him before he passes out, also regarding the helicopters I have a good feeling that it will either be all might or some other characters we've seen before
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He ordered Machia to defeat all the villains in their vicinity. Kirishima apologized for not being of any help, but Mina replied that she had paid her debt. However, Kirishima reminded her that she had always been his hero. Machia had just finished defeating the villains when Mount Lady got the call informing her of AFO’s plans.

My Hero Academia chapter 383 then returns to the present, where Tsukauchi is relieved that his gamble paid off. Gigantomachia, Tokoyami, Mount Lady, Inasa, and many other heroes begin attacking AFO together, while many helicopters have also arrived at the scene.


Final thoughts

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MHA Season 7 confirmation page with a couple big comments from VAs!

It can be assumed that other heroes have appeared at the scene on the helicopters. While the heroes’ primary goal is to keep AFO from escaping towards UA and Shigaraki, they would ultimately try to subdue the Demon Lord in Gunga. However, despite having so many strong powers at their disposal, Machia included, the heroes may yet come up lacking in an all-out battle against All For One.

In other news, the anime has been renewed for a seventh season.

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