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  • My Hero Academia chapter 402 spoilers and raw scans: All Might faces a tragic end as he tries to take AFO out of the picture
Izuku Midoriya and All Might as seen in the My Hero Academia anime (Image via BONES)

My Hero Academia chapter 402 spoilers and raw scans: All Might faces a tragic end as he tries to take AFO out of the picture

My Hero Academia chapter 402 is set to be released on Monday, October 2, 2023, and spoilers for the issue have now arrived. Fans were worried that All For One had gotten too close to Shigaraki. However, AFO's plan did not seem to go as smoothly as he had planned, as the former No. 1 Hero gave his last shot in hopes of stopping the villain.

The previous chapter saw Stain and All Might trying to take down All For One together. However, All Might was at his limits as he realized that his body was trying to keep him alive. Nevertheless, he roared at AFO to keep fighting him. Unfortunately, AFO realized that he had gotten close enough to Tomura to use his Gloop Warp quirk.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia chapter 402 spoilers: Shigaraki's refusal to warp forces AFO to take action

Yaoyorozu as seen in the anime (Image via BONES)

As revealed by My Hero Academia chapter 402 spoilers, the upcoming chapter is titled "The Tearful Day."


The chapter opened with the police confirming that Shoto and Ochaco had successfully taken down Dabi and Toga, respectively. It also gave fans a glimpse at Momo Yaoyorozu, who was seemingly fighting the Twices with a spear in her hands and machine guns on her shoulders.

As confirmed by Mei Hatsume, given that the Twices had finally vanished from the U.A., the island had become lighter again, allowing it to float. Meanwhile, Deku was somehow keeping Tomura Shigaraki away from U.A. by fighting him in close quarters. Unfortunately, AFO had reached close enough to Shigaraki to use his Gloop Warp.

Shigaraki as seen in the anime (Image via BONES)

All Might tried to distract AFO by taunting him, but the villain was adamant about completing Shigaraki's body hijack first.


AFO tried to warp Shigaraki to his position. However, Shigaraki refused to be warped. When he realized that AFO was using his quirk, Shigaraki kept his mouth shut and kept fighting Deku.

Realizing that Shigaraki's consciousness was too strong, AFO changed his plans. He decided to fly to Deku and Shigaraki, all while dragging All Might with him. Seeing this, Shigaraki teased Deku, saying that he needed to save All Might. However, if Deku were to go after All Might, Shigaraki was planning to kill everyone at U.A. This very thought left Deku breathless.

While Deku was trying his best not to cry, upon realizing that All Might's vestige had started to fade away, he realized that All Might was about to meet his end. Deku could no longer stop himself and cried while shouting All Might's name.

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My Hero Academia chapter 402 spoilers then showed a flashback of All Might and Izuku Midoriya as the former No. 1 Hero started to reminisce about the moment when Deku asked him if he could become a hero without a quirk.

To this, All Might had responded:

"Of course you can. After all, you always do your best and never give up on your dream. I've never been able to give up on mine either... my dream of being the symbol of peace..."

All Might then proceeded to grab AFO's neck with the arm that still had a gauntlet on. This triggered AFO's memories of Nana Shimura's final moments.

AFO was confused about why he was having a flashback of Nana. This was when he remembered what the former One For All user had told him.

Nana said:

"All For One, All Might is going to defeat you... because Toshinori is crazier than you."
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Following that, My Hero Academia chapter 402 spoilers shifted to the present. All Might taunted AFO, hinting that the villain would rewind to a kindergartner if he were to die again. Right after, All Might's gauntlet exploded, hinting that he had perished, all while trying to weaken All For One.


Final thoughts on My Hero Academia chapter 402 spoilers

My Hero Academia chapter 402 spoilers hinted at the end of All Might. With the former No. 1 Hero presumably having passed away trying to take down AFO, Deku may end up fighting a younger version of the villain and Tomura Shigaraki all on his own.

That said, fans have already started theorizing that Katsuki Bakugo will finally make his return and join Deku in the final fight against the two villains.

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