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  • My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers: Bakugo and the Second OFA user's connection explained as AFO reveals his ultimate move
Katsuki Bakugo and All For One as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)

My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers: Bakugo and the Second OFA user's connection explained as AFO reveals his ultimate move

While My Hero Academia chapter 408 is set to be released on Monday, December 4, its spoilers have already arrived.

With Bakugo stopping AFO from achieving his goal, the manga series began depicting the villain's past. He was trying to decipher why Bakugo reminded him of the OFA second user Kudou.


The previous chapter revealed AFO's origin and how from the very beginning, he believed that everything belonged to him. That included drawing out most of the nutrients from his mother, leaving his twin brother to grow small and weak.

Nevertheless, AFO kept Yoichi with him, as he believed him to be one of his possessions. Unfortunately, he ran away from him, which forced the AFO to erase him.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.


My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers and raw scans: AFO gambles everything to reach Shigaraki

Yoichi's hand as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha)

As per the spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 408, the upcoming chapter will be titled "Eyes Full of Determination!!".

The chapter opened with AFO killing his brother Yoichi in a sewer in such a way that only one of his hands was left behind. The event took place two months after Yoichi escaped with Kudou and the third user "Bruce."

With that, the manga revealed that AFO had given Yoichi his name because his brother was the first thing he was given (Yoichi contains the kanji for "give" and "first").


On witnessing AFO killing Yoichi, Kudou's eyes started tearing up. However, no such reaction could be seen in All For One's eyes even after he killed his own brother.

All For One as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha)

My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers then revealed events from sometime later as All For One could be seen inside an apartment.

He kept looking at Yoichi's hand, as he had given his brother a quirk. However, the powers were no longer in his body. Given that it had never happened before, he started thinking about different possibilities. On giving it a deep thought, he came to the conclusion that Yoichi had passed his quirk to someone else.

Elsewhere, the third user "Bruce" could be seen examining Kudou's body. Kudou had been feeling weird ever since he had escaped AFO's clutches. Soon after, Bruce revealed that Kudou now had two quirk factors inside his body. One of the quirks was his own - the Gearshift. Meanwhile, the other quirk was something small and quite insignificant.

My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers showed a page that revealed AFO and Kudou's perspective of Yoichi. One of them saw Yoichi being in despair, as he was disappointed at failing to stop his brother. Meanwhile, the other side saw Yoichi being hopeful of AFO.

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If AFO cared about other people, his Quirk to give and take could have been the kindest quirk in the whole world. That helped AFO and Kudou to come to a similar conclusion that Yoichi's essence hadn't completely been erased.


My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers skipped a few decades. AFO could be seen killing Kudou and Bruce, followed by him forming a cult. Soon after, he met Dr. Kyudai Garaki and tried and failed to steal OFA from Banjo, En and Nana. Finally, the manga saw All Might destroying his face. Right after AFO lost to All Might, the doctor stole his body from the morgue.

My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers focused back at the present as AFO was left wondering if Katsuki Bakugo was Kudou's descendant. However, considering that he had already killed Kudou's family and every woman and child who was close to him, that was impossible.

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That's when it clicked to AFO, the reason why Bakugo looked similar to Kudou was the similarity to Kudou's eyes, Bakugou's eyes were full of determination to defeat him. It meant that there was no connection between Bakugo and the second OFA user.

Having understood that, AFO realized that he needed to quickly get to Tomura Shigaraki. However, he could not keep fighting as he might have become even younger. Hence, AFO decided to use all his quirks at once. That would allow the villain to kill Bakugo and get close to Tomura Shigaraki.

Yoichi's vestige immediately sensed that and knew that something big was coming. Edgeshot deduced that AFO was planning to use the volume of all his energy to propel himself to Shigaraki.

Such a move could turn AFO into a baby. It meant that this attack was his final gamble. As for Bakugo, he seemed confident that AFO's move would fail.


Final thoughts on My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers

Katsuki Bakugo as seen in the My Hero Academia manga (Image via Shueisha)

My Hero Academia chapter 408 spoilers saw All For One preparing for his biggest attack yet.

While Bakugo managed to keep fighting AFO, he was yet to face an attack of this dimension. Nevertheless, he seemed adamant that he would win. Hence, fans will have to wait until next week to learn how Bakugo will counter AFO's ultimate move.

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