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Katsuki Bakugo and All For One as seen in the My Hero Academia anime (Image via BONES)

My Hero Academia chapter 409 spoilers: Bakugo defeats All For One

While My Hero Academia chapter 409 is set to be released on Monday, December 11, its spoilers have already arrived. All For One wanted to reach Tomura Shigaraki as soon as possible. However, Bakugo's interruption caused him to remember OFA's second Kudou. As he struggled to identify the connection, fans got to see his backstory.

The previous chapter saw AFO understanding why Bakugo's eyes reminded of the second OFA user Kudou. Following that, he remembered that he needed to get close to Tomura Shigaraki quickly. Hence, in his possible final attempt to reach him, AFO activated all of his quirks together, preparing a huge attack.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia chapter 409 spoilers and raw scans

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As per spoilers of My Hero Academia chapter 409, the upcoming chapter will be titled "Quirk!!! Explosion!!!". The chapter opens with a flashback that shows Bakugo's birth. Both his parents were very happy as Mitsuki smiled, while Masaru cried. This was followed by more flashbacks that saw Bakugo bullying Deku and making declarations about his goals and quirk.


Back to the present, Katsuki Bakugo thought to himself how he would not mess with Deku anymore. Just then, AFO launched his attack. However, Bakugo, without moving from his spot, shouted "burst." That command led to an explosion that hit AFO, causing him to fall to the ground. As expected, this move left AFO confused. That's when Bakugo began explaining the same.

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He had seemingly covered his explosive sweat drops with normal sweat drops and thrown them inside All For One's mouth back at the end of chapter 406. Bakugo then used the explosive sweat drops to attack AFO with just his command. This shocked AFO as he could not believe that he was outsmarted by Bakugo. However, Bakugo tried to embarrass him more, saying that, unlike AFO, he only needed his "explosion" quirk.

AFO then realized that Bakugo's attack had done more damage to him than he had thought as his attack had been messed up. Thus, he had to activate it once again. Just as AFO had become irritated by Bakugo's presence, the Explosion hero attacked him with Howitzer Impact and several other explosion attacks in a row.

Hawks as seen in My Hero Academia anime (Image via BONES)

While getting attacked, AFO believed that his quirks weren't working the way they should have. He suspected that it was due to his small body. That's when My Hero Academia chapter 409 spoilers showed Hawks' Quirk vestige inside the vestige world. He conveyed to AFO that his anger had caused him to lose control of the vestiges and the quirks. With that, Hawks' vestige mocked AFO, stating that Shigaraki led to his downfall.


My Hero Academia chapter 409 spoilers focused back on the battle as All Might, Mitsuki, Masaru, and Yoichi witnessed the fight's end. According to All Might, the relentless physical and mental damage that everyone had caused on AFO had finally paid off. With that, Bakugo won the fight as he stated that he would not have been able to beat the villain all by himself.

Final thoughts on My Hero Academia chapter 409 spoilers

All For One as seen in My Hero Academia anime (Image via BONES)

My Hero Academia chapter 409 spoilers revealed the end of the fight between Katsuki Bakugo and All For One. With that, it seems like All For One has finally been defeated. However, fans may want to wait until the next chapter gets released to get a confirmation of the same. Unfortunately, the manga will be on a break next week.

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