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The AFO Quirk in action in the MHA anime (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: How does All For One use the AFO Quirk?

The AFO Quirk is very broken in My Hero Academia. Its user, All For One, is truly the demon lord of the underworld.

With the uprise of Quirks in Japan, All For One decided to use his powers for the sake of evil. He could take away Quirks in one second, only to give them away in another.


The AFO Quirk is the main reason why Pro Heroes can never truly defeat him, with the exception of All Might. This dangerous ability is also why One For All (OFA) even exists.

My Hero Academia wouldn't be the same without All For One and his AFO Quirk. Its powers are far beyond most people's comprehension.


All For One is extremely dangerous with the AFO Quirk in My Hero Academia


Some My Hero Academia fans may be wondering how the AFO Quirk actually works.

This article will explain the process in full detail. For all intents and purposes, All For One has built a criminal empire with this ability.

All For One can take and give away Quirks


All For One can activate his Quirk by placing his palm on somebody. There is a hole in the bottom of his hand, which is where he can give and take away powers. For this reason, it is always risky trying to get near All For One.


The AFO Quirk has been used several times in My Hero Academia. For instance, Ragdoll is the former wielder of the Search Quirk. However, it was stolen from her after the Forest Training Camp arc. This process incapacitates the victims for an extended period of time.

All For One mainly goes after powers that serve his needs. For that reason, he avoided taking Best Jeanist's Fiber Master Quirk in the Hideout Raid arc. He didn't want to pass on a difficult and technical ability to Tomura Shigaraki.

All For One can hold multiple Quirks at once


Most characters in My Hero Academia are stuck with a single Quirk. All For One is among the few notable exceptions.

The AFO Quirk allows him to stockpile multiple powers. He can use them for combination attacks, such as growing his arm bigger and multiplying his strength many times over. He used this extremely powerful attack during his final battle with All Might.

All For One always keeps multiple Quirks on hand, just in case he wants to distribute them. He typically gives them away to his underlings, just so they can more easily carry out his plans in My Hero Academia.

One For All was designed to combat it


A long time ago, All For One gave his younger brother the ability to stockpile raw power. However, what both men didn't know was that Yoichi wasn't Quirkless. He secretly had a Quirk with a single function, which was to transfer itself to somebody else. This is how the OFA Quirk was created.

Yoichi made it his mission to stop his brother. Several generations of OFA users passed on the Quirk and stockpiled its tremendous power. All For One wouldn't be defeated until he met its eighth user, Toshinori Yagi, aka All Might.

The conscious remnants of the previous OFA users live inside OFA. That means All For One cannot steal it with the AFO Quirk.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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