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Himiko Toga is not as innocent as she looks (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: How does Himiko Toga’s Quirk work?

Himiko Toga is the personification of paranoia in My Hero Academia, given her strange Quirk.

Imagine making friends with a student from another hero school, only to find out they are secretly a villain. This is exactly what happened in the Provisional Hero License Exam. Izuku Midoriya was nearly killed by Toga, who impersonated Camie Utsushimi with her Quirk.


Himiko Toga is a lethal threat in My Hero Academia. However, she needs the right materials to set everything up beforehand. The series does try to maintain a power balance, after all.

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Explaining Himiko Toga's Quirk in My Hero Academia


After his confrontation with the fake Camie, Midoriya was very lucky to be alive.

More than a few Quirks have dangerous potential in My Hero Academia, but Himiko Toga can use hers in some very disturbing ways.

Toga needs blood to transform into somebody


During the Shie Hassaikai arc, Toga explained the full details of her Transformation Quirk. She can shapeshift into somebody after consuming their blood. How long the transformation lasts depends on the amount of blood she drinks.


A single cup will make her look and sound exactly like the person she is impersonating. She can also switch back and forth between transformations in My Hero Academia, just as long as she has ingested multiple blood samples.

The transformation process involves a gray slime that covers her entire body. She cannot wear any clothes beforehand since the transformation will cover them.

While her Quirk is great for stealth missions, it requires a lot of prep.

Toga can duplicate select Quirks


When the League of Villains fought the Meta Liberation Army, Toga had to deal with Chitose Kizuki, also known as Curious. This intrepid reporter was obsessed with interviewing the villainous girl. Toga was almost killed by her rapid followers when she finally awakened her Quirk.

When she transformed into Ochako Uraraka, she was able to use the Zero Gravity Quirk. It turns out that Toga's transformation can also duplicate her victim's powers. She used it to brutally finish off Curious and her followers.

With that said, Toga can only awaken special abilities if she is fully knowledgeable about her victim. Given her obsession with Uraraka, it's not a surprise that Toga was able to copy her Quirk.

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