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Tenya Iida as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via Bones)

My Hero Academia: Iida helping Shoto in the Todoroki conflict makes perfect sense

Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia is currently in the middle of the Final War. Dabi, one of the key antagonists in the series, is now facing his former family members - Endeavor, Rei, Fuyumi, Natsuo - at Gunga.

Meanwhile, the youngest Todoroki, Shoto, is determinedly making his way towards the location to put an end to the conflict. In Shoto's previous encounter with Dabi and the imminent one, Tenya Iida stood unwaveringly by his side, serving as a steadfast ally.


At U.A. High School, Tenya Iida holds the position of class representative for Class 1-A. Moreover, the relationship between him and Shoto in My Hero Academia showcases a profound connection between the two characters, which is why it makes sense for Iida to stand beside his classmate and aid him.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.


Tenya Iida's contribution to the My Hero Academia narrative is finally recognized

Iida, Deku, and Shoto as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via Bones)

Despite not being the central character in My Hero Academia, Tenya Iida has assumed a significant role in the Final War Saga, albeit as a secondary character. Over the course of the series, fans have witnessed the gradual development of a profound friendship between Iida and Shoto.

Their friendship first took root during the U.A. Sports Festival, where Iida faced difficulties in his relationship with his brother. At that point, he greatly admired his older brother, Tensei, and aspired to become a Hero like him.

Iida as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)

When Tensei was gravely injured by Stain and left to die, Iida sought vengeance by attempting to track down the villain himself and eliminate him. Recognizing Iida's quest for revenge against Stain, Shoto intervened during their battle and steered him onto the right path. After defeating Stain together with Shoto, Iida thanked him and also apologized.


Therefore, it is fitting that when Shoto confronts challenges within his own family, with the lives of all family members at stake, Iida stands by his side to offer support. In the Final War against the villains, Iida's selection as Shoto's support against Dabi is a deliberate move by Horikoshi, allowing Iida to reciprocate the support he received during his personal struggles.

Dabi as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)

Thus, after Dabi's confrontation with Endeavor at Gunga, both Iida and Shoto set off in pursuit. In the upcoming chapters, Iida is likely to resume his supporting role, fighting alongside Shoto to subdue Dabi and save the Todoroki family.

This choice is perhaps why characters like Momo, Midoriya, Sero, Inasa, and Camie, who are also close friends of Shoto, take a backseat while Iida steps up to support him. As it happens, this reciprocity enriches their friendship, demonstrating the growth and evolution of both characters. Besides that, Iida comprehends Shoto's internal conflicts and can empathize with his struggles.

Shoto as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)

In My Hero Academia, Iida has previously shown a willingness to take personal responsibility for the safety of his classmates during times of crisis. He considers his duty as the class representative to protect them from dangerous situations. Considering Dabi is literally a ticking bomb right now, whose explosion can put many lives in danger, helping Shoto (and by extension, his family) is a task that he feels responsible to fulfill.

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