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My Hero Academia manga shows Bakugo is not related to the second One for All user (Image via Shueisha).

My Hero Academia manga proves every Bakugo and the Second OFA user theory wrong

The My Hero Academia manga is in its final arc, and now that Katsuki Bakugo is fighting All for One, the fandom is fairly divided about the resolution of this storyline. However, fans had this long-term theory about Bakugo and his connection to the second One for All user, which was particularly highlighted a few chapters ago when the former started to fight All for One.

There were some hints in the My Hero Academia manga that Katsuki had a sort of connection with the second user of One for All and this was even hinted at by All for One himself, which was something that gave these theories some validity. It turns out that the theories were wrong and Bakugo and Second OFA user's connections are a lot more symbolic than anything else, based on the leaks of chapter 408.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga.

Bakugo and Second OFA user and how they are connected in the My Hero Academia manga

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The My Hero Academia manga recently had leaks for chapter 408 and, after the previous chapter focused on the origins of All for One, is going back to the main villain's battle with Katsuki Bakugo. While there are some interesting and questionable moments taking place in the battle, this chapter also revealed the names of each One for All user, and it turns out that the second user's name was Kudo.


The second One for All user was always shrouded in mystery, especially because of his connections with Yoichi, the first user and All for One's brother, and there was a theory that he was related in some way to Bakugo. This was because they have somewhat similar looks, were friends with the then-current One for All user (Yoichi and Deku), and recent chapters showed All for One saying that Katsuki reminded him of that person as well.

However, the theory, which was based around Bakugo being blood-related to Kudo or even having elements of time travel, was disproven, as this chapter reveals that the connection is merely symbolic. Bakugo and Kudo are simply representatives of the will to support the then-current One for All user and face All for One, so the connection between these two characters is mostly about the themes of the story.

Bakugo's role against All for One

Bakugo and All for One are fighting each other in the My Hero Academia (Image via Bones).

Bakugo's role in the final battle against All for One in the My Hero Academia manga has been divisive, to say the least. A lot of fans of the series believe that is the crowning moment for the character, representative of his development throughout the story, and that is fitting that he would be the one to defeat the villain, especially because All Might lost his powers trying to save Katsuki in Kamino against this very foe.


On the other hand, there are valid arguments about how Bakugo could defeat All for One in his prime, especially considering how not even the best version of All Might could permanently defeat him. And Katsuki himself was mortally wounded by Tomura Shigaraki yet had a Quirk awakening and is fighting quite well against All for One, which is something that says a lot about author Kohei Horikoshi in this particular conflict.

The final arc itself has been disappointing to a lot of fans because of the resolution of several character arcs and the feeling that the conclusion with some villains left much to be desired. On the other hand, the arc had no major casualties in the plot, which didn't make much sense, and Deku and Shigaraki, the two main players in the arc and the series as a whole, have been mostly sidelined, and their fight has been mainly off-screen.


Final thoughts

The My Hero Academia manga has revealed there is no connection between Katsuki Bakugo and the second One for All user, despite the theories surrounding these two characters. If there is a connection, it is mostly about the themes of the story.

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