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Dabi is certainly a piece of work (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: Where did Dabi get his scars?

Dabi's scars are his most recognizable feature in My Hero Academia.

At first glance, onlookers can already figure out something happened to him. Dabi has patches of purple skin throughout his entire body. They seem to be held together by metal piercings. Unsurprisingly, Dabi has a tough time hiding in plain sight. He prefers to stay in the shadows in My Hero Academia.


Since he showed off his Blueflame Quirk, fans assumed that he burned himself. Of course, his backstory does give a detailed explanation of what happened to his appearance.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.


How did Dabi get his scars in My Hero Academia?


Dabi's Blueflame Quirk is extremely dangerous with its sweltering temperatures. Predictably, it played a massive factor in his injuries. My Hero Academia fans speculated about it for the longest time. It was eventually confirmed in the Paranormal Liberation War.

He burned himself badly as a child

#MHASpoilers #MHA301
So, according to the leaked images, Endeavor stopped training Toya right away after Toya’s flames started hurting him. Toya first burns himself while asking to learn Flash Fire Fist. So Toya must have taught himself Flash Fire Fist.

Dabi is the villainous alter ego of Toya Todoroki. He was the eldest son of Enji and Rei Todoroki, which means he was the product of a Quirk marriage. Endeavor wanted his son to surpass All Might potentially.

However, Dabi inherited his mother's resistance to ice. That means his body cannot handle the extreme temperatures of his Quirk. For Toya's safety, Endeavor decided he would train Shoto instead. It's among the worst decisions a character has ever made in My Hero Academia.

Toya went to Sekoya Peak for training purposes. However, when his father didn't show up, he lost control of his Quirk due to emotional anguish. This caused a massive wildfire that burned everything in sight. His Quirk reached temperatures of 2,000 degrees Celsius.

All For One saved his life

“This body that overcame even death, was only held together by the flames of vengeance”
- Kyudai Garaki (Dr. Garakj)

Manga: Boku no hero academia / My hero academia

Chapter: 350

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With his jawbone left behind, most people assumed that he died in flames. In truth, Dabi managed to escape with severe burns to his body. He went into a comatose state for the next three years.

All For One found his body and took care of him inside a nursing home. It can be safely presumed that Kyudai Garaki performed plastic surgery. The villainous doctor noted that Dabi only had a life expectancy of a month. Instead, his pure hatred allowed him to survive past his expiration date.

Sadly, Dabi's only purpose in life is to make his family suffer, particularly his father. In the final arc of My Hero Academia, he engages in battle with his younger brother Shoto. Dabi would burn away most of his body with his Bluefire Quirk by this point.

Other characters regularly note Dabi's appearance

Now that we have the details behind Dabi’s backstory, this hits different.

My Hero Academia characters who meet Dabi will never forget his disturbing appearance. He just doesn't look the part. He also smells like it.

Geten of the Meta Liberation Army noted that Dabi smelled like rotten flesh. Around that same time, Twice also mentioned how Dabi knew a great plastic surgeon. The villain certainly captures a lot of attention in My Hero Academia.

Dabi has certainly been through a lot in this series. While his burning doesn't justify his actions, it partially explains his current state of mind. Anybody would go crazy under his stressful conditions.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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