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The elite toad fighters of Mount Myuboku (Image via Pierrot)

5 strongest summoning animals in Naruto (& 5 who are weak)

Fans of the Naruto series are familiar with Kuchiyose no Jutsu or summoning jutsu. This advanced technique allows users to summon a creature they have created a contract with instantly. These allies can offer support in combat, gathering intel, and healing. This article will list five powerful summoning creatures and five weak summoning creatures from Naruto.


The five most powerful summoning animals in Naruto

1) Manda

Manda (Image via Pierrot)

Katsuyu, Gamabunta, and Manda are the three most powerful creatures of their respective sage realms. Compared to Gamabunta and Katsuyu, Manda is the strongest. The giant toad and slug teamed up against the massive snake when Jariya and Tsunade clashed with Orochimaru. Even fighting two on one, Manda almost killed both giant creatures.


2) Gamabunta

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Gamabunta from Naruto
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1:11 AM · Mar 7, 2021

Among all the toads on Mount Myuboku, Gamabunta is the strongest. Out of three iconic bosses, Gamabunta is the most versatile. He boasts admirable agility and impressive combat power. He bonded with three generations of noteworthy partners: Jiraiya, Minato, and Naruto.


3) Shima & Fukasaku

I’d like to see Pa (Fukasaku) & Ma (Shima) in Boruto! Naruto would be nasty with these two and have a deadly genjutsu that’s done by sound and is a sage art!
8:00 AM · May 25, 2021

Shima and Fukasaku are husband and wife Toad Sages from Mount Myoboku. The only known summoners are Jiraiya and Naruto. Their age and experience ensure that this sage couple has authority and respect over even Gamabunta, the mountain chief. The toad sages possess powerful senjutsu and genjutsu abilities.

4) Katsuyu

Katsuyu (Image via Pierrot)

In contrast to the toads and snakes of Mount Myoboku and Ryuchi Cave, Katsuyu is a unique species. The Shikkotsu Forest has only one known slug living in its unexplored sage region. Unlike other summoning creatures in Naruto, only part of her body is transported upon being summoned. The giant slug wields astounding healing capabilities and has saved a number of comrades from certain death.

5) Ibuse

Hanzo and Ibuse (Image via Pierrot)

Ibuse is the personal summon of Hanzo. It is a huge poisonous salamander with vast combat ability. This giant brown salamander can topple trees, paralyze its victims, and even submerge itself underground with its deadly poison mist. Ibuse is among the most powerful, considering that Hanzō and Ibuse triumphed against the legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Five weak summoning animals

1) Owl

Motoi's owl (Image via Pierrot)

Used primarily as a messenger, shinobi such as Motoi can summon these animals to relay information quickly. While useful for communication, owls do not appear to be useful allies in battle.

2) Giant Clam

Giant Clam (Image via Pierrot)

When summoned, this creature can produce a mist with which its summoner can craft a deceptive mirage. This hides both the caster and the clam from their opponents.

Additionally, it seems to have an exceptionally long life span since it was used by Gengetsu when he was alive and survived until the Fourth Shinobi World War. This summoning creature does not possess much combat power despite its sturdiness and support capabilities.

3) Moguranmaru

Moguranmaru (Image via Pierrot)

This mole used its tail and claws to move around underground quickly. While it is wise and ideal for escape, Moguranamaru is not very powerful.

4) Kyodaigumo

Kyodaigumo (Image via Pierrot)

Kyodaigumo is a giant spider summoned by Kidōmaru. This animal can use its web to restrict the movement of opponents. This spider spawned an egg sac that released tons of tiny spiders used to weave a web around Neji early in the series. Despite her crowd control abilities, Kyoddaigumo is not a strong fighter.

5) Gamatatsu

Gamatatsu (Image via Pierrot)

This cheerful Mount Myoyboku inhabitant is one of the smaller toads featured in Naruto. Naruto accidentally summoned Gamatatsu during the battle where Jiraiya and Tsunade faced off against Orochimaru. In a weakened state, Jiraiya failed to summon Gamabunta. Naruto did his best to compensate for his mentor's shortcomings, only to end up summoning a very unhelpful Gamatatsu.

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