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Tsunade as shown in the anime (Image via Pierrot)

Naruto: Did Tsunade have a child?

Tsunade has been deemed one of the most iconic Naruto characters since she was introduced. Being a part of the three legendary Sannins, she quickly established her role as one of the main characters in the series by becoming the fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf.

Their village triumphed in multiple victories under her leadership, which lasted from the first Naruto series to the end of the sequel. Her reverse seal technique kept her youthful appearance intact, characterizing her as beautiful.


Hence, being one of the oldest characters in the series, her backstory dates back to the Second Shinobi War, where she also lost her one and only lover, Dan Kato. Due to this, many theories speculating whether or not she has children have emerged over time.

Sources claim that Tsunade did not conceive any children during her lifetime, not even in the current era. The following article will take a closer look at some facts related to the character to determine whether or not these claims are correct.


Disclaimer: This article is subjective and relies solely on the writer's opinion.


Is it possible that Tsunade from Naruto did have a child?

Tsunade drowning herself in liquor (Image via Pierrot)

The short answer to whether Tsunade did have any children during her lifetime would be no. There are a lot of theories on why she chose not to have any children. However, as things stand in the current era of Boruto, Tsunade has neither a love interest nor any children to call her own.

Her choice to remain single has a valid reason and justification, which was shown to the audience via her backstory. During the Second Shinobi War, Tsunade lost her lover, Dan Kato, who died from excessive blood loss. Due to this, she developed an immense case of hemophobia (fear of blood) and isolated herself from her village for the next 15 years.


Tsunade was introduced as a character who was still mourning by being an alcoholic gambler, symbolizing how a Kunoichi of her stature gave up on life. After losing her lover in the war, she took in the latter's nephew to care for, promising she couldn't afford to lose anyone else.

Tsunade and Dan reunion during the Fourth Shinobi Great War (Image via Pierrot)

Hence, this same mindset kept her from falling in love and having children with anyone else.

Subtle hints in the main storyline also showed Tsunade as being somewhat affectionate towards her former teammate, Jiraiya. However, when he too died, Tsunade lost any love interest she might have had in the series, making her a single woman even today.

Tsunade's last meeting with Jiraiya before the latter's death (Image via Pierrot)

However, this doesn't rule out her love for children in Naruto. Ever since she set foot in the story and became the Hokage, her support for Naruto, Sakura, and plenty of others has shaped the way they have turned out to be.

Hence, although she doesn't have anyone to call her own, she still adores every single child in her village equally.

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