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Sasuke Uchiha (Image via Naruto Anime)

Naruto: Which Akatsuki member are you based on your zodiac?

Zodiacs and horoscopes are a way of life for some people, but how does it correlate to Naruto? Some people like to identify with characters that otherwise seem different from themselves.

Others simply find it fun and fascinating. So, how would one find themselves seeking to relate to serial killers and bombers? It's simple really, it comes down to enjoyment.


Villains are fun and easier to relate to in the grand scheme of things. The Akatsuki are an interesting bunch of villains that some may relate to but never follow their path.

Which Naruto Akatsuki are you based on the zodiac, choices includ Sasuke, Kakuzu, and more

1) Kakuzu - Virgo

Kakuzu prioritizes wealth (Image via Naruto Anime)

Virgos are industrious and practical fellows, which fits Kakuzu greatly. A man of ambition and greed, Kakuzu will do anything for money. Hesitation and morality do not flow through the many hearts that inhabit his stitched body.

A bounty hunter by nature, this missing-nin delights in waiting for a kill whenever a nearby prey is involved. After he kills his prey, he runs off with his payment. Do not try to scam him out of his dues, or one's heart may soon join his.

2) Kisame - Taurus

Kisame was incredibly adept at securing information (Image via Naruto Manga)

A former ninja from the Village Hidden in the Mist, Kisame listens with intent when specific orders are given. He can be trusted with secret information, for he will stop at nothing to keep it hidden from the enemies.

A dependable shark hybrid, Kisame will sacrifice himself as well as others to protect the secrets of the Akatsuki.

3) Sasori - Gemini

Sasori himself is a puppet to his own whims (Image via Naruto Anime)

Sasori is a clever man who learned how to manipulate his chakra in order to control puppets at a young age. He was so feared by his village that he became a wanted criminal.

Swift as the sand, his puppets could strike at any moment without hesitation, almost as if they were alive and ready to consume one's chakra.

4) Pain - Libra

Pain is a Libra because he seeks to restore peace in the world of Naruto, no matter how insidious the means are. He's well-connected in the crime world and can sneak into villages undetected.

He tries to restore his village’s peace and ultimately succeeded as the citizens became happy and came to worship him like a god.

5) Hidan - Aries


Hidan's tendencies towards honesty and deduction making could make for adequate qualities for an Aries. For example, he carefully plans out his sacrifices by luring in potential victims and making light work of them.

He is not hesitant in proclaiming his loyalty to Jashin, so his honesty is nothing to take lightly. His Way of the Ninja is violent and bloody. Nothing can shake his will.

6) Itachi - Scorpio

Itachi is the perpetrator of the Uchiha massacre (Image via Naruto Anime)

Itachi is an intensely loyal and powerful ninja in the land of Konoha. He was so loyal to Konoha that he slew his family in order to avoid an all-out war and instilled the Curse of Hatred in his brother.

He is a fearless man who willingly walks into any battlefield. He's so confident that he doesn't appear to be worried in any situation.

7) Orochimaru - Leo

Orochimaru sought immortality (Image via Boruto Anime)

Orochimaru is a natural born leader in every sense of the word. He created his own village hidden in the Sound and strives for immortality in every sense of the word.

Ever confident, he plans every strategy to a terrifying degree, such as when he tempted Sasuke to join him and managed to kill the Third Hokage.

8) Sasuke - Aquarius

Sasuke’s Amaterasu being activated (Image via Naruto Anime)

Sasuke is clever and self reliant to a point of being recognized by Orochimaru himself. He manages to recruit members of his own and leads them exceptionally.

He chose his team based on their strengths and weaknesses and even planned on becoming a god of war to restore world peace.

9) Suigetsu - Capricorn

Suigetsu loved to practice his swordsmanship (Image via Naruto)

Suigetsu is never one to give up without a fight, so his determination can be felt throughout the series. He's determined to expand his swordsmanship and even convinced Sasuke to travel with him in order to obtain Zabuza's sword.

He was impressed with Killer B's swordsmanship and got into a fierce battle with him. Suigetsu's passion and ferocity towards his personal goals can be seen as inspirational.

10) Deidara - Sagittarius

Deidara is quite intelligent when it comes to achieving his goals, such as his inner hatred for the Uchihas manifesting his greatest creation of art.

He secretly planted bombs in Sasuke Uchiha's body during their battle, and even detonated himself in an attempt to kill him.

11) Konan - Pisces

Konan vs Tobi was an underrated fight 🌧️

Konan is an emotionally aware Shinobi who first joined the Akatsuki in order to bring peace to the world. She helped Nagato even after he was forced to kill their old leader.

She continues the legacy of Yahiko and wishes to cement his memory into a peaceful world through violence and subjugation.

12) Obito - Cancer

Obito Uchiha is completely devoted to Rin so her death sends him on a downward spiral. He masqueraded as Madara Uchiha and executed his plans to bring about world peace through the use of the Akatsuki.

His frightening jealousy and hatred towards Kakashi spilled over in the latter half of Naruto Shippuden. By that point, he was so consumed with his emotions that he became the Ten Tails Jinjuriki.


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