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Ranking the 10 most powerful attacks shown thus far in One Piece (Images via One Piece)

10 most powerful attacks in One Piece, ranked

Over twenty-plus years, One Piece was able to produce some of the most memorable characters in shounen history, who portrayed a variety of quirks, idiosyncrasies, as well as powers.

As the manga chapters and the anime episodes progressed, the series introduced more powerful characters while the Straw Hat crew continued their journey through East Blue and across the Grand Line in search of the famed “One Piece” treasure.

“His final message before his departure were these simple words… Do it for me, open Wano’s borders!”
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Each powerful character (may it be an enemy, ally, or a pirate from the past) comes with its own set of skills and attacks. Even the Straw Hats grew stronger over the course of their journey, gaining new skills and abilities that fans are able to see in the ongoing Wano arc.

This article will talk about 10 ridiculously powerful attacks in One Piece that have been shown in the anime and manga thus far, and rank them in order of strength and impact in battle.


Ranking the 10 most powerful attacks shown thus far in One Piece


It’s important to note that the attacks chosen for the list and their ranks in it reflect the writer’s own thoughts and opinions. One Piece is notorious for having a very divided community base for every debate, and the topic of the “most powerful attacks” is no exception.

Hence, it’s not a universal list but rather a subjective view of the author’s own experiences with the anime.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead


10) Punk Clash (Kid)

Kid's Awakening (Image via One Piece)

Punk Clash is Eustass Kid’s ability which makes use of his Devil Fruit, the Jiki Jiki no Mi’s Awakening ability. It was shown in a recent chapter in the fight against Big Mom in Onigashima, and this powerful ability ties in with Kid’s other Awakening ability in One Piece called “Assign.”

With Assign, Kid was able to turn Big Mom into a highly magnetic object, whose polarity he could manipulate at will. After doing this, he was left with a lot of openings to defeat the Yonko and even execute the Punk Clash - the hardest-hitting attack in his arsenal.

Assign (Image via One Piece)

After manipulating her polarity, and the polarity of all metallic objects around him, Kid was able to attract a lot of junk objects around Big Mom, and then by intensifying the magnetic attraction, he was able to hurl all of the compiled objects at her with full speed and force.

As shown in the chapter, it would seem that the ability has done an incredible amount of damage to Big Mom by crushing her will with all the metallic scraps and junk.

9) Puncture Willie (Trafalgar D. Law)

Law vs Big Mom (Image via One Piece)

If One Piece fans felt that Kid was impressive with his Devil Fruit powers, then they were definitely blown away with what Trafalgar D. Law was able to showcase with his Ope Ope no Mi. In his final fight against Big Mom, Law showed the lengths of his Devil Fruit power by dealing a heavy blow to the Yonko.

In the attack, Law pierces Big mom with Kikoku, thereby pinning her to the ground in the process. The sword then keeps extending until it passes through everything in its way. However, there is a limit to how far it can go, and upon reaching a specific depth, Law then releases a powerful shockwave from the blade.

Law vs Big Mom (Image via One Piece)

The shockwave is immensely powerful and can deal an incredible amount of damage to everything in the vicinity.

Law’s Puncture Willie attack was able to leave a massive crater near the Flower Capital in the Land of Wano.

8) King of Hell, Three-Sword Serpent: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation (Zoro)

Zoro's new technique (Image via One Piece)

This is the ability that Zoro was able to pick up through the blade Enma, which was gifted to him by Hiori in exchange for returning Shusui to the Land of Wano. “King of Hell” or “En-ou”, as the name suggests, comes directly from the sword’s reputation of being the King of Hell.

It sucks onto the users Haki mercilessly in order to amplify the wielder's damage and enhance their attacks. This was one of the reasons why Zoro was able to cut Kaido during their encounter and even though the Yonko defeated the Straw Hat member, its power was rather noticeable.


The ability was also pivotal later on in One Piece’s Wano arc, when Zoro goes up against King after being beaten by Kaido. While the swordsman did struggle at first, the ability came in clutch when it came to the decisive blow of taking the enemy down who was worth 1.390 billion berries.

The King of Hell Three Sword style is an incredibly powerful technique, and fans are excited to think about how powerful Zoro can really get once he is able to control the Haki that Enma saps out of him.

7) Maser Cannon (Big Mom)

Big Mom's ability (Image via One Piece)

As one of the most powerful characters in One Piece, Big Mom has a variety of insanely powerful attacks in her arsenal, with Maser Cannon being one of them.

The attack came as a result of Big Mom replacing her former Thundercloud Homie, Zeus, with Hera, who proved to be not just more in sync with the Yonk than the predecessor, but more powerful as well.

In this new and incredibly powerful attack, Big Mom combines the powers of her three Special Homies, Prometheus, Hera, and Napoleon, to unleash a devastating strike.


As the power gets imbued with Napoleon (when the hat turns into a sword), she swings the weapon to create a beam of energy that can easily penetrate the skin of a dinosaur-type Zoan fruit user.

Once the beam connects and penetrates the flesh, it follows up with a big explosion at the target location.

6) King Kong Gun (Luffy)

Luffy's Gear Fourth ability (Image via One Piece)

King Kong Gun is the most powerful attack that Luffy has in his Fourth Gear, and the amount of destructive capabilities that it comes with vastly overshadows some of the other powerful attacks shown in One Piece thus far.

In the Boundman form of Gear Four, Luffy compresses his fist into an enlarged forearm and blows air into it to significantly increase its size and area of impact. The technique is so very powerful and taxing that the Straw Hat crew’s captain is left completely drained after it.


As shown in the final fight against Donquixote Doflamingo during the Dressrosa arc, fans can see just how devastating the attack can be when it connects and has the capability of leveling an entire plateau.

Hence, it wasn’t surprising when Luffy effortlessly broke through Doflamingo’s God Threads and Spider Web techniques and finally defeated him with a single blow of the King Kong Gun.

5) Conqueror of Three Worlds Ragnaraku (Kaido)

Kaido's ability (Image via One Piece)

Kaido’s most devastating technique, the Conqueror of the Three Worlds Ragnaraku, is one of the most powerful attacks that he has shown so far in One Piece’s Wano arc. Kaido channels the attack when he is in his Human-beast form, and while wielding Hassaikai two-handedly, he jumps into the air and starts to spin his weapon.

While gaining momentum with the swings, he imbues it with Haoshoku (Conqueror’s) Haki at the same time and makes it exude black lightning. After gaining enough buffs onto the strike, he descends at full speed, swinging his club downwards with great force, smashing whoever he hits into the ground.


Luffy has been on the receiving end of this twice during their encounter, and during the first strike, he was knocked out for a brief moment of time.

Kaido’s mythical Uo Uo no Mi Zoan fruit makes him one of the most feared pirates in One Piece, as his transformations, full or semi, provide him with significant power buffs.

4) Togen Totsuka (Oden)

Oden's Powerful ability Togen Totsuka (Image via One Piece)

Oden’s swordsmanship is often considered to be unparalleled by the One Piece community. He was the only samurai in Wano who was able to go toe to toe with Kaido, and even get close to killing him if he wasn’t tricked by the illusion of Momonosuke towards the end.

The Togen Totsuka is his most powerful ability, where Oden hardens his hands and swords with an advanced form of Ryu (Haki in Wano), and leaps into the air towards his opponent and performs an X-shaped slash.


The attack was so powerful that he was able to make Kaido scream in pain and even knock him to the ground, leaving him with a big permanent scar.

Dragon skins provided by mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruits are often considered to be impenetrable, with Kaido’s skin being the hardest amongst the type. However, with the Togen Totsuka technique, Oden was able to slice through Kaido’s defenses effortlessly.

3) Divine Departure (Gol D. Roger)

Roger's Divine Departure (Image via One Piece)

While not much is known about the former “king of the pirates,” Oda did however try to represent Gol D. Roger’s personality and character through flashbacks and other expositions during the Wano arc.

While not a Devil Fruit user, Roger’s combat capabilities are some of the most renowned and fearsome in One Piece, and he was even able to fend off Oden’s attacks on him effortlessly when he first landed in Wano.


Divine Departure was one of Roger’s abilities that was shown in the series, and needless to say, the attack itself was incredibly powerful with immense destructive potential.

The full capabilities of the attack can be seen in the fight against Whitebeard, where the two pirates went all out against each other. When performing the Divine Departure, Roger would imbue his sword with Haki and swing it with great force, it was this ability that sent Oden flying and made him get absolutely mesmerized by the pirate king.

2) Shima Yurashi (Whitebeard)

Whitebeard's attack (Image via One Piece)

Considered to be the strongest man in the world until his passing during the Summit War, Whitebeard was one of the most feared pirates in the world and was one of the few people who was able to rival Gol D. Roger’s strength.

His Gura Gura no Mi was an immensely powerful Devil Fruit which is a paramecia type, allowing him to create powerful quakes and even split the seas.


Shima Yurashi, which loosely translates to “Island Shaking,” was Whitebeard's most powerful attack, where he would grab and pull the air around him as if it were tangible in physical form.

Audiences were given a glimpse of it during the Summit War when the Yonko used the ability to tilt the entire island of Marineford as well as the sea around it. In the process, destroying buildings and even throwing a giant off of his feet.

1) Black Hole (Blackbeard)

Blackbeard and Luffy (Image via One Piece)

What gets Blackbeard’s Blackhole the number one spot on the list is because of how his ability is capable of consuming everything in its path, just like a black hole.

Blackbeard's Yami Yami no Mi is one of the most overpowered Devil Fruits in One Piece and Blackbeard seems to have used it masterfully, as was shown in all the instances where he employed his powers.


With this ability, the newest Yonko is capable of spreading his darkness over a large area, swallowing up everything in sight. Those hit by this ability are subjected to an immensely powerful gravitational pull that exerts a crushing force, and there is seemingly no way of getting out of it.

A glimpse of his power was shown on Banaro Island when Blackbeard destroyed an entire village in a snap. This ability was also the reason he was able to capture Portgas D. Ace, thereby leading to the entire Summit War.

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