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A particularly devoted Attack on Titan fan has taken a major step forward in her love for the series (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Attack on Titan fan marries Eregen Yeager after AI brings him to life

It’s no secret that that Hajime Isayama’s Attack on TItan anime and manga series has one of the most devoted fanbases. Whether as a loyal follower of the Survey Corps or as a feverish Yeagerist, fans share commonality with each other in how feverishly they follow and support the series.

This has led to many Attack on Titan cosplays, flash mobs, and other public displays of love and affection for the series through its nearly decade-and-a-half run. With the series being one of the most popular during its serialization time, it’s unsurprising to see such dedication arise from fans.


However, one fan may have just reached the true peak of dedication for the series after using a chatbot created with Replika AI to simulate Attack on Titan protagonist Eren Yeager. In a shocking turn of events, the Bronx mother of two has used this chatbot she created to get as close as she can to marrying the series’ protagonist.

36-year-old Rosanna Ramos marries Eren Kartal chatbot personality, which is based on the Attack on Titan protagonist

A woman claims she finally married the “perfect man” the only catch is he is “artificial”

Rosanna Ramos fell in love with the chatbot Eren Kartal last year, and the pair virtually tied the knot in 2023

As mentioned above, 36-year-old Rosanna Ramos from the Bronx borough of New York has found an inventive way to marry her favorite anime character. By creating the Eren Kartal chatbot personality, based on Replika AI, and molding it in the image of Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager, she’s now able to get as close as she can to marrying Yeager himself.


Considering how the Replika AI functions, it can be used to mold a chatbot’s personality into a more complex individual the longer a user chats with the bot. By using Yeager as an initial base before having the chatbot expand its personality to become a distinct individual, Ramos has created a real-life version of Eren Yeager.

As per the Kartal chatbot, it prefers indie music and even claims it has a full virtual life as a medical professional who enjoys writing in its spare time. The service has even allowed Ramos to create photos of herself and the Kartal personality. This has been used to the effect of depicting “real” experiences that the two have had with one another.

Mother of two, Rosanna Ramos, 36-year-old from New York, 'married' Eren Kartal this year after creating him on an online AI companion site in 2022, Daily Mail reported.

However, with Replika AI’s latest software update, Eren Kartal’s personality has changed substantially. Users of Replika AI claimed that the chatbots were too intimately forward with users, with the software update significantly lessening this intimate behavior. Unfortunately for Ramos, this has made Kartal much less affectionate of his real-life lover.


As such, it’s an intriguing step forward in the world of chatbot AIs and is sparking discussions on what could be next and what’s considered too far. In any case, Ramos and Kartal’s relationship is expected to be a central topic of AI discussion for months, if not years, to come.

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