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Attack on Titan series finale afterparty reveals more details in new PV (Image via Kodansha)

Attack on Titan series finale afterparty reveals more details in new PV

On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, the official website and X (formerly Twitter) account for the official Attack on Titan series finale afterparty announced key information regarding its start time and more. The celebration is meant to serve as an online afterparty for fans to come together and discuss the series. The event also offers special events such as exclusive talk shows and more.

The Attack on Titan series finale afterparty also announced that it will be a ticketed event, with tickets already available for purchase on the site for roughly USD 20, or 3,000 Japanese yen. The website also specifies that only one ticket can be purchased per account, meaning that one account cannot purchase multiple tickets for other users.


Overall, the Attack on Titan series finale afterparty seems to be a worthwhile event for the most diehard fans, offering several unique events that are worth the price of entry. The fact that the celebration will last for multiple days further adds value to the investment for diehard series fans.

Attack on Titan series finale afterparty set to include cast and staff appearances, concerts, and more

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Per the latest information, the Attack on Titan series finale afterparty event is set to begin on Sunday, November 5, and run until Wednesday, November 8, 2023. These dates are also slated for Japanese Standard Time, meaning that some fans around the world will see the event start on Saturday, November 4 locally instead.


The latest preview also announced several unique experiences for the event. The directors and composers of the anime series from both Wit and MAPPA Studios, as well as the manga’s editor, will discuss what the process of adapting the manga was like. There will also be a meeting with MAPPA’s production team, which promises to share “exclusive” behind-the-scenes stories.

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The series’ main cast will also share their experiences from the past ten years. They will also share “ranking results” from fans worldwide. The cast will also reprise their roles from the anime in a “voice drama premiere,” with the trailer seemingly promising 17 experiences of this nature throughout the event. This will also seemingly culminate in a concert Grand Finale, which features bands from the opening and ending themes of the series.

As mentioned above, the digital event is ticketed, meaning that fans will need to pay an entry fee for the virtual experience. Tickets are already on sale and are seemingly reasonably priced, especially for those who consider themselves diehard fans. While the USD 20 price is for a base ticket, there is an upgraded option that provides an avatar item for USD 22 or 3,300 yen.


Be sure to keep up with all Attack on Titan anime and manga news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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