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Yoichi Isagi as seen in the anime (Image via 8bit)

Blue Lock anime announces season 2 and Episode Nagi film

After the premiere of the Blue Lock season 1 finale, the anime's studio, 8bit, has announced its decision to go forth with the production of Blue Lock season 2 and the Episode Nagi film.

The season finale saw Kunigami get eliminated in the second selection by a candidate called Ryusei Shidou. Meanwhile, the functioning of the entire project was at stake, as the representatives of JFU wanted to shut it down. Thus, a match between Blue Lock XI and Japan u-20 was established to acquire control over Japanese football.


Blue Lock anime announces second season and a movie

Blue Lock TV Anime Season 2 & Blue Lock: Episode Nagi Movie officially announced!

Following the premiere of season 1 episode 24, 8bit released a new promo video announcing their decision to greenlit the production of Blue Lock season 2 and a movie based on the spinoff series, Episode Nagi.

After seeing the popularity of the series, fans were certain that the anime would receive a second season. However, the franchise getting a movie so early in its run was definitely a surprise. This is due to the fact that both the original manga and the Episode Nagi spinoff series have a high manga sales circulation.

Japan Top Weekly Manga Sales Ranking: Mar. 13 – Mar. 19, 2023

Sharpest rise for Blue Lock as it makes its strongest debut so far, sitting atop of the list at 196,726 copies sold in 4 days for Vol. 23!

Source: bit.ly/3FMVkbq
Read more: bit.ly/40yb8qq

As per Oricon Weekly Manga Sales chart, Blue Lock volume 23 has the highest number of sales with nearly 200,000 copies sold worldwide. And, with nearly 85,000 copies sold globally, Blue Lock: Episode Nagi volume 2 has the fifth-highest number of sales.

Fans react to the second season and movie announcement


Upon hearing the news about the second season, fans were left ecstatic as they could not wait for the upcoming arc, featuring the match against Japan's u-20 team. The upcoming arc will feature one of the best matches to be brought into existence in the manga, as the two teams are set to go toe-to-toe in a stadium filled with audiences rather than an empty facility.


Moreover, manga fans were certain that the anime-only fans would not be ready for Ryusei Shidou. Up till now, the manga has only revealed that Ryusei eliminated Kunigami, however, their match and their encounter are yet to be revealed. Also, fans should not forget how Ryusei's personality is set to drastically change the entire aura around the match.


Besides the second season news, fans of the anime also have something else to celebrate as the Episode Nagi spinoff series will receive its own movie adaptation. Considering the drift between Nagi and Reo in the first season, the movie will be a great way for fans to see them interact with each other in a timeline before the events of the anime.

@RayugaX101 I'm afraid, I have the impression that they're rushing to put the most important aspect, namely quality, in the bin
They have to take theirs time

Meanwhile, other fans were concerned that the anime studio was rushing the production due to the franchise's popularity. Thus, there is a good chance that the focus on quality would drastically fall, which could inadvertently lead to the anime's downfall.


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