The smash-hit anime's cast of characters is set to lose at least one member in the upcoming episode (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Chainsaw Man kills one of its most popular waifus in episode 8

Ahead of Chainsaw Man episode 8’s release on Tuesday, November 29, fans were treated to a preview video with various rapidly transitioning shots within. Unsurprisingly, fans immediately took to dissecting the preview and pulling whatever information they could get out of it.

In the process, fans have discovered that Chainsaw Man episode 8 will spell death for at least one of its characters. Furthermore, it appears that the death in question may be one of the series’ most popular waifus throughout its released episodes thus far.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man episode 8.

Chainsaw Man episode 8 previews may be hinting at Himeno’s gruesome death


With the analysis of the Chainsaw Man episode 8 video preview complete, fans have found a shot that sees Himeno’s eyepatch on the ground as some words are said. While manga readers were already aware of what would happen in the episode, anime-only fans seem confident that this is suggestive of Himeno’s death in the episode.

Anime-only fans claim this theory can be further supported by the preview spending so much time sticking with Himeno and Denji following the latter’s overnight stay with the former. These two points, in addition to the plethora of Aki and Himeno flashbacks fans have recently received, have even the most skeptical of anime-only fans confirming Himeno’s death.

Sadly, they are correct, and fans will see Himeno pass away in episode 8. Unfortunately, the full emotional impact and toll of her death on those who survive her will not be made apparent in the upcoming episode. That said, fans can count on it being a major plot point in episodes beyond the next.

The smash-hit series has been one of the most popular television anime of the Fall 2022 season, competing with the likes of My Hero Academia and Bleach: TYBW. Despite being only one cour that hasn’t even finished yet, many anime-only fans are calling it the best series they’ve watched in a while, comparing how unique it is to Attack on Titan when it first began serialization.


While no news on the second cour’s release is available as of this article’s writing, many expect the subject to be touched on at the series’ upcoming Super Stage at Jump Festa 2023. It is there where manga readers and anime-only fans alike hope to hear that the series’ second cour will be coming sooner rather than later.

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