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  • Dragon Ball fans pit Boruto against Gohan and it ends with humilating results
Gohan will easily defeat Boruto (Image via Youtube@Ykato)

Dragon Ball fans pit Boruto against Gohan and it ends with humilating results

As one of the most popular series, Dragon Ball boasts some of the strongest characters in the entire anime world. The power scaling in this series is on a multi-versal level, with many characters capable of destroying entire universes with ease.

Thus, when Gohan from Dragon Ball is pitted against Boruto Uzumaki, the result is bound to be pretty one-sided. On Twitter, one such debate about these characters fighting has picked up some steam, with Dragaon Ball fans laughing at the comical matchup between Gohan and Boruto.


Dragon Ball fans believe Gohan in his base form will be able to obliterate Boruto

Son Gohan [Dragonball] VS Boruto Uzumaki [Boruto]

The Twitter account @Ace_9T recently posted the above comparison, pitting Son Gohan against Boruto Uzumaki. The tweet has caused many Dragon Balls fans to make fun of Boruto, stating that the young Uzumaki wouldn't even be able to stand up to base level Gohan. Realistically, the fans are not far off.

Gohan is one of the strongest characters in the series, easily capable of destroying universal threats like Perfect Cell and Frieza. This makes Boruto an unsuitable candidate to challenge Gohan. Considering the young Uzumaki is not even close to being on the level of a star destroyer, it would be ludicrous for him to challenge Gohan, whose highest power level is around 12.9 septillion.


Boruto, with his karma seal, would still fail to size up to the level of Kid Gohan, who unlocked Super Saiyan 2 at the age of 11. He's an exceptional warrior with greater potential than his father Son Goku or other Saiyans such as Vegeta. Thus, Boruto will not be able to match up to Gohan and his monstrous strength. As it happens, this comparison has led to many Dragon Ball fans laughing at Boruto and sharing memes about how Gohan will oneshot him without lifting a single finger.

On Twitter, the comparison has led to the two fandoms arguing with each other once more, with fans defending their favorite character. Boruto fans have clapped back by saying that their main character at least wasn't sidelined for years, turning into a total embarrassment. To this, Dragon Ball fans have fired back by saying that Boruto has been a total embarrassment since his inception.

However, one net positive from the fight are the memes that propped up depicting Boruto in the worst possible condition following his bout with Gohan. The memes are an accurate description of what Boruto vs. Gohan would look like and how fast it would end.

@Ace_9T Boruto after gohan takes one step towards him
@Z3RO_GRAVITY_ Boruto after feeling the shock waves generated from gohan cracking his knuckles

The aforementioned tweets above encapsulate how fans feel about this match-up as someone compared Gohan to a hydrogen bomb and Boruto to a coughing baby.

Moreover, the majority of fans believe Gohan can solo the entire Naruto-verse with his Super Saiyan 2 and pulverize Boruto with a single ki blast. They even assert that the strongest ninja in Naruto doesn't come close to Gohan's level.

@Ace_9T The Narutoverse after Gohan coughs into his sleeve
@Ace_9T Boruto getting hit by a single ki blast.
@Ace_9T Boruto cant even hack this gohan let alone ssj2..

All the memes make it clear how little Dragon Ball fans respect Boruto's strength even with his karma seal. While hilarious and creative, these memes help neutral fans get an idea of the difference in power between Gohan and Boruto.

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