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Main protagonist Utena in a promotional image for the series. (Image via Asahi Productions)

Gushing Over Magical Girls announces January 2024 debut, ending theme, and more with new PV

Gushing Over Magical Girls has announced a release date for early 2024 with a new promotional video, and a number of other details have been revealed alongside the announced date as well. This mainly includes the ending theme and staff, revealed in the credits of the posted PV.

The series focuses on Hiiragi Utena, a young woman who looks up to and deeply admires a magical girl trio called the ‘Tres Magia.’ Unfortunately for Utena, she gets roped into the group dedicated to fighting them, ‘Enormita.’ Blackmailed into staying in the group of evildoers and fighting her idols, she quickly discovers a side of her admiration she hadn’t realized before.


Gushing Over Magical Girls given January 2024 release date

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As announced on X (formerly called Twitter), the anime will be releasing its first episode on January 3, 2024. Fans of the series have much to be excited about given this rapidly approaching date—only a month away as of the time of writing. Fans can likely anticipate a faithful and enjoyable adaptation from Asahi Productions, the studio behind hits like Plastic Neesan and Hellsing Ultimate.


The manga has a unique take on the Magical Girl genre, putting its protagonist in direct conflict with the typical magical girls as Utena finds herself in a conflict she never wanted to be in. Of course, she also learns that she kind of likes said position, with her adoration of the magical girls twisting in ways she’d never thought enjoyable.

Forced into her position by the mascot of the group of evildoers, having been misled into thinking she’d become a magical girl, Utena must both navigate her new double life as a villain and the magical powers she’s been bestowed for her position—alongside her normal school life, where she unwittingly attends school with both her magical girl enemies and her allies in the evil organization.

Gushing Over Magical Girls and more in January 2024

The three Magical Girls of 'Tres Magia' in Gushing Over Magical Girls. (Image via Asahi Productions)

While no official streaming partner has been announced at this time, it is likely in the hands of Crunchyroll when it comes to western distribution. J-Novel Club has also translated the original manga into English, allowing fans to catch up on what the anime may contain and more.

Being slated for early 2024, Gushing Over Magical Girls joins a slew of other debuting anime in early 2024. Alongside Shonen hit Kaiju No. 8, there’s other strong and anticipated releases like Sasaki and Peeps and Solo Levelling. Undoubtedly a stacked winter season, Gushing Over Magical Girls is just the latest addition to a heavily anticipated season.

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