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Link Click: Yingdu Chapter revealed special poster (Image via LAN Studio, Haoliners Animation League)

Link Click: Yingdu Chapter reveals special poster

The production team for the upcoming Link Click: Yingdu Chapter anime series on Monday revealed an “advance poster” featuring three characters. While information about the series is sparse, it appears to be a spinoff or a continuation of the mainline original Chinese Donghua animated series.

Likewise, more information on the Link Click: Yingdu Chapter series is expected to be coming soon, especially considering the visual’s description as an “advance poster.” Although details about when the upcoming series will be released are unclear at this time, fans can expect to learn more by the year’s end.


Check out the poster below:

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Season 2 of the mainline series ended in the final week of September 2023, and a third season was officially announced shortly after that. Likewise, it’s expected that Link Click: Yingdu Chapter is more likely to have a third season of the series rather than a spinoff. However, there’s not enough information to confirm or deny this.


Link Click: Yingdu Chapter series most likely to be the third season of mainline production based on official statement


As mentioned above, a third season was announced for the mainline Link Click series shortly after the second season ended. Likewise, the Yingdu Chapter series is expected to be Season 3 of the mainline Donghua.

However, with the announcement for the third season being an unofficial promise that the “show has not ended yet,” there’s no way to confirm if this is the case at the time of this article’s writing.

The mainline series is an original Chinese Donghua written by Li Haoling and produced by both LAN Studio and Haoliners Animation League.

The term Donghua refers to animation made in China and within the Chinese language and describes all animation works in general. Outside of China and the Chinese language, the term is a colloquialism for Chinese animation and refers explicitly to animation produced within China.


The first season of the Link Click series aired from April 30 to July 9, 2021, on Bilibili and Funimation. The first season had 12 episodes, including a special episode dubbed “5.5.” The show's second season aired from July 14 to September 22, 2023, also running for 12 episodes. Several chibi specials based on the series were also released.

The series follows Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang, who run Time Photo Studio and accept requests from clients to “relieve them of regrets.” This is done by Xiaoshi traveling back in time to the moment a photo was taken, assuming the identity of its photographer.

Guang can keep track of the events in the time period, guiding Xiaoshi to relive those experiences. The two use their abilities to help their clients with their personal goals while also leaving history as is.

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