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  • Makoto Shinkai's Suzume no Tojimari's Indian release confirms Hindi dub, fans rejoice
Makoto Shinkai's Suzume no Tojimari's Indian release confirms Hindi dub (Image via Makoto Shinkai/Comix Wave Films)

Makoto Shinkai's Suzume no Tojimari's Indian release confirms Hindi dub, fans rejoice

PVR Pictures has suddenly created waves across the internet for Indian fans by announcing Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume no Tojimari will also get a Hindi dub. This announcement could be considered one of the biggest surprises, as watching Shinkai-san’s new masterpiece in the local language will be a dream come true for anime enthusiasts in India.

Moreover, it will eventually help expand the Indian anime community by introducing the world of anime through Makoto Shinkai’s magnum opus, which is set to be released on April 21, 2023.


Suzume no Tojimari Indian dub cast members remain a mystery at this point

We are happy to announce that Makoto Shinkai's latest anime masterpiece, Suzume, will be dubbed in Hindi. Now you can watch the story of Suzume Iwato on the big screen in your preferred language!
#Suzume is coming to a cinema near you on 21st April!


Although PVR Pictures has raised a new level of excitement among Indian fans, the renowned distributor hasn’t revealed anything about the cast included. For now, fans can presume this to be a surprise that will be unveiled later.

As non-anime enthusiasts have been having difficulty watching anime in its original subbed version, the Hindi dub will significantly make it easier for them to enjoy Shikai-san’s masterpiece comfortably. For the Indian anime community, this will be one of the historical events as Suzume no Tojimari will be the first Makoto Shinkai film to be released in Hindi dub.


Previously, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and One Piece Film: Red were the two anime films released in Hindi dub. However, despite the major announcement, some fans are not happy with the news. Since Hindi is not a familiar tongue in many parts of India, fans are requesting PVR Pictures to release the film in their respective languages as well.

Some fans are also requesting that the official Hindi trailer of Suzume no Tojimari be released soon, as there are only a few days left for the film to be released. Given PVR Pictures haven’t announced the Hindi dub cast for the film, it can be surmised that they are keeping it a surprise for fans.

@PicturesPVR Can you please name the VA involved. It will be really amazing.
@PicturesPVR Can you please release the trailer first ?? It's great you are releasing it in local language but please don't make it like Marvel movies.

The official website of Suzume no Tojimari describes the film as such:

Suzume, a 17-year-old girl who lives in a quiet town in Kyushu, encounters a traveling young man who tells her, 'I'm looking for a door.' She follows him and discovers a weathered door in the ruins of the mountains as if it were the only thing left from a collapse. As if drawn by something, Suzume reaches for the door.

The synopsis continues:

Before long, doors begin to open one after another in various parts of Japan. As disasters come from the far side of the doors, the open doors must be closed. The stars, the setting sun, and the morning sky—in that place she wandered into, there was a sky that seemingly blended all the time together. Guided by the mysterious doors, Suzume's 'door-locking journey' begins.
Makoto Shinkai's Suzume No Tojimari is releasing on 21st April 2023 in Indian theatres. So weebs, make sure to hit the theatres this time!! You don't want to miss Makoto Shinkai's latest masterpiece!!

Suzume no Tojimari recently surpassed Weathering With You’s lifetime Japanese box office earnings. The latest milestone set by Makoto Shinkai’s new film was apparent to fans, as the film’s three-day opening of 13.4 million USD in Japan spoke volumes. Many in India also expect Suzume no Tojimari to beat the records of all the previous anime films released in the country so far.


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