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My Hero Academia manga set to go on frequent breaks in December 2023 and beyond (Image via Studio bones)

My Hero Academia manga set to go on frequent breaks in December 2023 and beyond

On Wednesday, December 6, 2023, Twitter user and reputable My Hero Academia series leaker @RukasuMHA (Rukasu) shared intriguing news regarding the manga series. Per Rukasu’s leaked info, the manga’s schedule for the coming weeks will see it routinely alternate between releases and break weeks.

This release schedule for the My Hero Academia manga seems set to continue through the end of December 2023 and into the early portion of January 2024. While fans will likely be quick to blame Horikoshi for these frequent breaks over the next few weeks, most of them seem to be Weekly Shonen Jump breaks rather than series breaks.


Interestingly, this makes sense due to the coming Christmas holiday, which Shueisha typically acknowledges concerning the Weekly Shonen Jump release schedule and timing. Author and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia manga is at the mercy of publisher Shueisha’s decisions regarding when to release their Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

My Hero Academia’s imminent frequent breaks are the fault of Santa Claus and Shueisha rather than Horikoshi

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Assuming Rukasu’s information regarding My Hero Academia’s release schedule, as seen in the above tweet, to be true, fans will be receiving two more chapters over the next five weeks. The series will be on break next week in the third issue of Weekly Shonen Jump for the 2024 year. It will then return with Chapter 410 the week after before Shueisha takes a publication break the week after (three weeks from the time of this article’s writing).


This will then be followed by the release of the series’ 411th chapter in the week after, which will then be followed by yet another publication break from Shueisha. Readers will then be taken roughly halfway through January 2024, at which point the series and Weekly Shonen Jump should return to their normal publication patterns.

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While this release schedule may seem unusual to some, it is typical of Weekly Shonen Jump for this time of the year. The Christmas holiday, New Year, and the Jump Festa convention all take place within this five-week span, making for a chaotic month-plus for Shueisha. With this in mind, the current release schedule for Horikoshi’s manga and the magazine it’s published in becomes much more understandable.

That being said, this is unfortunate timing for the series to be alternating between release and break weeks, considering where the story is at currently. The end seems to draw nearer with every chapter, further setting up a climactic conclusion. The next five weeks will be grueling for fans, as this exciting section of the story moves at a slower pace. In any case, My Hero Academia’s release schedule should be back to normal by late January 2024.


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