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My Hero Academia Season 7 has been confirmed (Image via Studio Bomes)

My Hero Academia Season 7 officially confirmed

My Hero Academia fans across the world have a reason to celebrate! Season 7 of the series has been confirmed as seen on the 17th issue of the Shonen Jump weekly magazine.

So far, the series has put out a total of 6 seasons and the final episode of the season is scheduled to air by March 25, 2023.


The current season is adapting the Paranormal Liberation War arc and Studio Bones has done a splendid job with regard to the overall pacing of the series. Here’s what fans can expect in My Hero Academia Season 7.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the manga.

What can fans expect in My Hero Academia Season 7?

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MHA Season 7 confirmation page with a couple big comments from VAs!

Now that season 7 has been confirmed, fans are wondering what the upcoming season will entail. Based on what was covered in the current season, it can be said that season 7 will cover the whole of the U.A. Traitor arc. Along with this, the show will also cover the Final War arc.

Studio Bones has built a reputation for delivering consistent animation over the course of the last six seasons. In fact, the fanbase was quite happy and appreciated the studio for an improvement in the overall animation quality as well.

With that in mind, it is very unlikely that My Hero Academia will shift animation studios last minute unless unforeseen circumstances force such a decision.

Studio Bones' stellar animation in season 6 of the series (Image via Studio Bones)

Studio Bones is also known for its bizarre deadlines, since the studio reportedly gave a deadline of just one month back when the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood manga had completed its course. Therefore, it isn’t altogether impossible for the series to announce the release date earlier than what fans expect.


Given the number of My Hero Academia chapters that have been released so far, it is possible for the series to have an eighth season in place. This again depends on the number of chapters that Horikoshi sensei creates over the course of the year.

What happens in the U.A. Traitor arc?

The Pro heroes prepare themselves for one of the most important battles in their lives. The plan is in place and they will attempt to defeat Shigaraki Tomura, All For One, and the remaining Paranormal Liberation Front/League of villains. But, a wrench is thrown into the heroes’ plans when they realize that a traitor has been walking amongst them this entire time.

Stay tuned for more official updates about season 7 of My Hero Academia.

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