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One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece anime disappoints fans by reverting to old adaptation pacing

Wednesday, December 6, 2023, saw One Piece leaker and Twitter user @pewpiece (Pew) reveal that the series' television anime adaptation is making a change to its pacing. Throughout the final stages of the Wano arc, the anime series committed itself to adapting a full chapter of source material in each of the episodes it released.

However, as many One Piece fans predicted, this pacing is not viable in the long term due to the risk of the weekly television anime adaptation catching up to the source material. This has been seemingly confirmed by Pew's information, which suggests that the series will return to adapting less than one full chapter of source material per episode.


This is in fact a return to the original way in which the One Piece anime is paced, with the final stages of the Wano arc and their pacing being a "special treat" for fans. While unfortunate to hear, it is a reality that many fans had prepared themselves for, considering how close the anime series and the source material have gotten recently.

One Piece anime set to return to old adaptation pacing with the conclusion of the Wano arc

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Although some fans may argue that the criticism of the One Piece anime's pacing is undeserved, this is truthfully far from the case. For some, the pacing has become so unbearably slow in recent years (excluding the end of the Wano arc) that many fans prefer to watch the One Pace fan cut rather than the original anime.


The One Pace fan cut was created several years ago when the anime began falling into its unbearable pacing. It essentially removes all of the "filler" shots from each episode, such as extended reaction shots and other relatively unnecessary scenes. This creates what many believe to be a more enjoyable viewing experience of the anime series, which moves through story arcs much quicker than the original anime.

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While Toei Animation is close to infringing on the roughly 40-chapter gap they like to maintain between their adaptation and the source material, fans were still not expecting this change now. Many thought that Toei would maintain the one-chapter-per-episode pacing through the events which bridge the gap between the end of the Wano arc and the start of the Egghead arc. This logic became especially prevalent due to the improved pacing in the Wano wrap-up.

In any case, Pew is a reliable source of general series information and his news is likely accurate. While it's unfortunate for fans of the anime series to hear, it's nevertheless a harsh reality many had already come to terms with. Hopefully, the one-chapter-per-episode pacing is brought back for the more exciting and engaging moments of the Egghead arc.


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