The Snakeman form as seen in its anime debut (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1049 leaked scene shows movie-quality animation of Snakeman's return

In an extremely rare occurrence, a scene from the upcoming One Piece episode 1049 has been leaked early, showcasing an exciting series of events. While anime scene leaks can happen, they are usually rare, and this latest occurrence is likely emblematic of the excitement surrounding the upcoming episode’s events.

The said scene from One Piece episode 1049 showcases the return of Luffy’s Gear Fourth Snakeman form for the first time since the Whole Cake Island arc. Moreover, the scene has also hinted at the four-year anniversary of the form’s original debut in the Whole Cake Island arc, which happened in episode 870 of the anime.


One Piece episode 1049's Snakeman leak coincidentally comes on exact four-year anniversary of form's anime debut

A key animation for episode 1049 of One Piece got leaked and the animation is just INSANE🥶

One Piece Anime Spoilers

The One Piece episode 1049 leak was posted on Twitter on Friday, January 27, 2023, by user @JaydisHIM (Jay). While the user seems to be the original poster on Twitter, the leak seems to have originated from the Arabic scene, with the watermarks of two leakers seen in the bottom left corner of the video clip.

The scene in question shows Luffy riding Momonosuke’s adult dragon form, activating Snakeman as he and Momonosuke reach Onigashima’s Skull Dome Rooftop. In the meantime, Yamato is seen launching her own attack, both rushing towards Kaido at the same time. Luffy uses a Jet Culverin to hit a long-range punch, while Yamato launches some energy attack from her kanabo.


The two attacks are seen hitting a shocked Kaido simultaneously, creating a destructive shockwave while also knocking the Yonko back several hundred yards. After showing Kaido crashing through several rocks on the rooftop, the camera focuses on a close-up shot of Yamato and Luffy individually as the clip comes to an end.

Since leaks of anime scenes are rare, fans are celebrating the early look all over social media, praising Toei Animation’s work on the scene in One Piece episode 1049 and how well done it is.

Additionally, fans are celebrating the coincidence that the leak comes on the fourth anniversary of Snakeman’s anime debut. This only intensifies the emotions fans have over the leak of this scene, who have also taken to comparing the look of Snakeman’s original debut to the series’ current art style, seemingly pleased with the upgrade in overall quality.

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