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One Piece manga is bound to take a break (Image via Toei Animation).

One Piece manga might take a long hiatus after chapter 1101

The One Piece manga could potentially take a long hiatus after chapter 1101 comes out on December 10, mainly because of a number of reasons. While fans all over the world were quite concerned when author Eiichiro Oda couldn't fully complete a script a few weeks ago, the reasons for this potential hiatus have to do more with logistics and dates rather than any health concerns.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that the One Piece manga is probably not going to be the only one in Shonen Jump to go on a somewhat long hiatus in the coming weeks. This has to do with the holidays, the Jump Festa 2024 event, and other small details that are keeping some series from releasing more chapters in the near future.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the One Piece series.

The One Piece manga is bound to go on a hiatus after the release of chapter 1101 next week

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Rumors about the One Piece manga going on a hiatus after chapter 1101 comes out on December 10 has been circulating for sometime, and the reasons being cited relate mostly to timing and logistics.


For example, the week of December 17, when chapter 1102 would have come out, is not going to release any Shonen Jump manga chapters because the company is focusing on the Jump Festa 2024 event, during which, they are going to reveal a lot of information regarding their anime series.

On the other hand, the week after brings with it the Christmas holidays, so author Eiichiro Oda and other mangaka are not going to release any chapters during those days for obvious reasons. Thus, there is a very good chance that no new chapters are going to come out in this series for the next three weeks.

This has raised a lot of eyebrows because Oda couldn't finish the script for chapter 1098, missing some details on the pages, which is something that happened to him for the first time in his career. A lot of fans were concerned that the hiatus had something to do with Oda's health, although that has been proven not to be the case, at least not in this situation.


The health of Oda and other mangaka

The Straw Hat Pirates (Image via Toei Animation).

Manga authors struggling with health issues is something that is far too common, mostly due to the Japanese work culture, and author Eiichiro Oda is no different in that regard. It's common knowledge that a lot of mangaka, including Hunter X Hunter's Yoshihiro Togashi and Bleach's Tite Kubo, are often overworked to the point they have a lot of health issues that eventually lead to hiatus or the manga's quality declining greatly.

Perhaps Berserk's Kentaro Miura is the biggest cautionary tale to Oda and other authors, as his work schedule played a role in his sad demise two years ago. Therefore, fans are hoping that Oda doesn't have to go through the same situation of intense burnout that negatively affects his health.


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