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Murata sensei announces the manga's brief hiatus owing to the production of Volume 28 (Image via Netflix)

One Punch Man creator announces hiatus ahead of chapter 183 release

One Punch Man mangaka Yusuke Murata recently announced that he would be on hiatus until April 20, 2023. The mangaka took to Twitter to announce the break due to the production of Volume 28.

While Murata takes such breaks periodically to work on the production of a new volume, he also stated that he would be providing the next update on the above-mentioned date.


The One Punch Man fanbase reacted to the news and understandably, they’re eagerly waiting for the next update. This was a strategic break since the Psychic Sisters arc seems to have concluded and the series is slowly entering the next story arc - Neo Heroes Introduction arc. So what does that mean for the manga?

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the manga and webcomic chapters of the series.

One Punch Man: A new organization will be introduced in the next chapter


The next chapter’s release will be delayed since the mangaka has announced a brief hiatus until April 20, 2023.

The manga does not have a weekly or monthly release schedule. ONE sensei has given Yusuke Murata the freedom to release chapters as and when he finishes working on them. So far, the chapters were being released once every two to three weeks.

However, the One Punch Man fanbase can expect chapter 183 to be released during the first week of May.

One Punch Man manga will be on hiatus until April 20th due to the production of Volume 28.

Now that the Psychic Sisters arc has been concluded, the series will enter into a new story arc called the Neo Heroes Introduction arc, where a new organization will be introduced, and the chapter will highlight all the issues that Hero Association is currently facing.


Some of the main issues that the Hero Association is facing is a lack of funds, which is one of the prime reasons for their recent actions. They first accepted a massive amount of money from Tsukuyomi since the psychic research organization wanted Psykos for experiments and research.

Accel, the leader of Hunters (Image via ONE)

The organization also created a massive shelter filled with the best protection system for the uber-rich. The Hero Association displayed a lack of morality and all of this will be highlighted by the new character and leader of the vigilante group, Hunters.

Accel refuses Hero Association's offer (Image via ONE)

This character, Accel, will be approached by a Hero Association representative who will offer him the position of an S-class hero. He would also be given medical and weaponry support should he accept the offer.


In exchange for these services, he and his 48 comrades would have to fight monsters on Hero Association’s behalf. However, he refuses the offer and warns the representative of her organization’s downfall.

One Punch Man Chapter 183 will highlight a new set of problems that heroes will face. This time, however, the dangers will not be posed by the strong monsters, but by the vigilantes that wish to rise to the top.

Stay tuned for more One Punch Man manga and anime updates as 2023 progresses.

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