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Pluto anime releases main trailer ahead of late October 2023 premiere (Image via Studio M2)

Pluto anime releases main trailer ahead of late October 2023 premiere

Tuesday, October 3, 2023, saw the official Twitter account for Netflix’s Pluto anime, an adaptation of author and illustrator Naoki Urasawa’s original manga, release its main trailer. The 2-minute-long look at the upcoming series features scenes from previous trailers as well as entirely new looks at the upcoming and highly anticipated anime.

The Pluto anime serves as a reimagining of “The Greatest Robot on Earth” story arc from author and illustrator Osamu Tezuka’s original Astro Boy manga series from the 1950s and 1960s. Whereas the original arc focuses on the point-of-view of Astro Boy, the retelling from Urasawa focuses on Gesicht, a robotic detective from Europol, and provides a much gritter look at the events.


The Pluto anime is set to debut globally on Netflix’s platform in late October 2023, 6 years after the series was initially announced in 2017. With the series having been stuck in development hell during that time period, it’s incredibly exciting to see the anime so close to a global premiere on one of streaming’s biggest stages.

Netflix’s Pluto anime reveals full-length preview ahead of Thursday, October 26, 2023, premiere


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The full-length trailer for the Pluto anime series opens up with the scenes shown in the teaser from the day prior. The trailer then goes into the history of robots as a means of humanity fighting wars before showing some of the series’ robotic characters and how they go about their lives contemporarily. Gesicht is the main focus here, with much of the trailer focusing on him.

Several other characters, such as Atom (Astro Boy), are also seen in the trailer, as are several human characters who are presumably set to be key parts of the story. The trailer also gives focus to Gesicht’s investigative approach, showing him both in action and analyzing the clues he’s gathered so far. The trailer ends with a rapidfire sequence of action scenes, including Atom calling out to Pluto in a seemingly combative context.

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The series is set to premiere on Netflix worldwide on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at 12 am Pacific Daylight Time. The series will have eight hour-long episodes, and it’s presumed at the time of this article’s writing that all eight episodes will be immediately available for viewing. The series is being directed by Toshio Kawaguchi at Studio M2, with Urasawa credited as a creative advisor to the anime’s production.

Shinsu Fuji stars as Gesicht. Other starring cast members include Yoko Hikasa as Atom, Minori Suzuki as Uran, Hiroki Yasumoto as Mont blanc, Koichi Yamadera as North No. 2, Hidenobu Kiuchi as Brando, Rikiya Koyama as Hercules, Memory Miyano as Episol, and Toshihiko Seki as Pluto.

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