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Re:Monster anime (Image via Studio DEEN)

Re:Monster anime announces spring 2024 release window, cast, and more with a new PV

On Thursday, December 7, 2023, the official website and X (formerly Twitter) handle of Re:Monster anime unveiled a new promotional video, revealing the anime's cast, opening song artist, and release window. According to the short clip, the anime is set to release in April 2024. Interestingly, the staff has also revealed a new concept visual for the anime.

Re:Monster anime is based on author Kogitsune Kanekiru and illustrator Yamaada's Japanese light novel series of the same name. It was serialized on Shosetsuka ni Naro from 2011 to 2018. Later, AlphaPolis acquired the series and published nine volumes. The anime adaptation was announced on September 19, 2023, under the production of Studio DEEN.


Re:Monster anime will be released in April 2024


As mentioned, the official staff for Re:Monster anime announced Spring 2024, i.e., April 2024, as the anime's release window with a new trailer. This latest short clip teases the anime's plot, showcasing how the protagonist gets reborn as a Goblin in another world after being killed by someone.

He wakes up as a toddler Goblin and realizes his predicament. Unable to do anything, the protagonist tries to adjust to his new life in the harsh Goblin community. Thus, he learns to fight strange yet dangerous creatures and forms a bond with his fellow Goblin friends.

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As was revealed, the upcoming anime will focus on how the protagonist Gobrou and his friends will survive in a world where only the fittest survive. Besides teasing the plot, the trailer also reveals the anime's cast, and opening theme artist.

Additionally, the official team behind Re:Monster anime has unveiled a new concept visual featuring the anime's main characters. The illustration shows how Gobrou and his friends grow up from being toddlers to adults. Moroever, a new version of the anime's first key visual has also been unveiled.


Cast and staff for Re:Monster anime

A still from the anime (Image via Studio DEEN)

Under Studio DEEN's production, the Re:Monster anime has a stellar cast and staff. According to the official reports, Takayuki Inagaki is directing the anime, while Horioshi Yamaguchi is composing the series. Junichi Takaoka, famous for his work on Gravion, is designing the anime's characters.

Additionally, Go Sakabe is in charge of the music composition. Other staff members include Yukia Kadowak as the color designer, Norito Kondo as the photography director, Shuhei Abe as the sound director, and others.

A still from the anime (Image via Studio DEEN)

Notably, Chansung, a renowned artist from the South Korean boy band 2PM, and AK-69 (a Japanese hip-hop artist) are collaborating on the opening theme, Into the Fire. The opening song also features Changmin, a member of 2AM boy band.

In terms of the cast, Takaya Sato, the voice actor for Anthonio Caesar Zeppeli from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, will play the protagonist, Gobrou. Kenta Hosoda will lend his voice to Gobkichi, while Ai Kakuma will voice Gobmi. Other cast members are Kana Ueda as Gobe and Mai Kanno as The Readhead.

Keep up with more anime news and manga updates as 2023 progresses.

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