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Anya as seen in the visual key of CODE: White. (Image via Wit Studio)

Spy x Family film announces release date at Anime Japan 2023

Spy x Family took to the stage of Anime Japan 2023 to release key details about the future projects of the anime. The stage event revealed that season 2 of the anime is scheduled to be released in October 2023. It was also revealed that the original anime film, Spy x Family: CODE White, is coming out on December 22, 2023.

Alongside all the big announcements, a brand new key visual for the upcoming original movie was also dropped, spiking even more excitement among fans. With two big projects scheduled this year, it seems like the makers are actively taking on the challenge of making 2023 the year of Spy x Family.


The Anime Japan Stage featuring Spy x Family revealed the release of season 2 and an original film in 2023

"SPY x FAMILY" season 2 begins in October.
*The movie is titled "SPY X FAMILY CODE: White" and is scheduled to open in Japan on December 22, production: WIT STUDIO CloverWorks.
*New teaser visual for the movie.

The Anime Japan stage proved to be extremely lucky for all the Spy x Family fans around the world. The biggest anime event in Japan not only confirmed the release of season 2 this year but also announced the release date of the upcoming original film by the anime, SPY X FAMILY CODE: White, which is set to be out on December 22, 2023.

The film's story will be supervised by Mangaka Tatsuya Endo and animated by WIT Studios and CloverWorks. The stage event also dropped a key visual for the upcoming film, which features the Forger family, Anya, Yor, Loid, and Bond, with a snow-covered hill in the background of the city.


As exciting as it may seem, it will also be a big challenge for the makers of the anime to execute two big projects in the same year, with the first season having concluded recently in December 2022.

I miss the spy x family anime so bad guys

Furthermore, the entire team behind the making of the film and the second season seems to be properly balanced with responsibilities divided equally to make the process smooth for everyone involved.

Kazuaki Shimada, the main anime character designer from the first season, will take on the same role for the second season as well and he will collaborate with Kana Ishida, the sub-anime character designer for the film.

Oreimo, meanwhile, will serve as the film's chief animation director. Ichiro Okouchi will work as the series composer for the second season and also as the film's writer, with Ayumu Hisao and Daishiro Tanimura returning from the first season as sub-series composers for the second season.


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