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Boruto's Jōgan as seen in the anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Twitter breaks as Jōgan finally appears in Boruto Episode 293

Boruto episode 293 was released today, March 26, 2023 at 5.30 pm JST, much to the excitement of fans worldwide. The series finale saw Kawaki battle it out against Code, Boruto getting revived by Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki who also warned him about his future.

However, one of the biggest developments came towards the end of the episode, where we saw Jōgan reappear in Boruto’s eyes. This proves that the dojustu is real and will be important to the future plot. Fans on Twitter have gone wild at the Jōgan reveal, with most of the fandom celebrating it being real.


Boruto Episode 293 proves that Jōgan is real causing massive hype on Twitter

This image alone can carry shounen anime on its back, this is true cinema, this is peak fiction. #boruto

Episode 293 is a well-balanced, high-quality episode that masterfully ends the series while keeping fans excited for its return post-hiatus. Among several other noteworthy moments in this episode, Jōgan's reappearance is especially important to the future of the series.

In this episode, we see Jōgan activating for a moment in Boruto’s eyes, giving fans confirmation of it being authentic. This unique dojustu in the manga is featureless in appearance with a barely visible pupil. However, this Ōtsutsuki Clan dojutsu is much more visible in the anime, appearing light blue in color with the darkened sclera and visible pupil.


The reappearance of Jōgan in this recent episode can be chalked up to the deeds of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, In episode 293, he saved Boruto's life by resuscitating him using the Karma. Momoshiki saved the young Uzumaki's life by reconstructing the cellular tissues he had lost due to Kawaki's attack. This, however, means that the Ōtsutsuki will never be able to resurrect himself ever again.

Momoshiki did this to save himself as the loss of his vessel would mean his soul getting instantly extinguished from the real world. Upon Boruto's jubilation at this news, Momoshiki reminded him that he is now a pure Ōtsutsuki, revealing that he is mature enough to be sacrificed to Ten-Tails.

Ōtsutsuki and his vessel. #boruto

This genetic reformation could also be the reason that the protagonist is able to activate Jōgan at the end of the episode. Seeing that the dojutsu is known only by Ōtsutsuki Clan, it makes sense that after his genetic reformation, the Uzumaki will also be able to use the dojutsu. This proves that he has become a pure Ōtsutsuki, making him a greater threat to Naruto and everyone else around him.


On Twitter, fans of the series are running wild right now, making bold claims such as episode 293 being the perfect ending for a shonen series. Some fans are even arguing that it's the best anime of 2023, surpassing other popular anime such as Buddy Daddies, One Piece, and Attack on Titan.

Both the BORUTO and Jougan hashtags are currently trending on Twitter, proving how impactful episode 293 was to fans worldwide. Here are a few fan reactions to Jōgan's reveal and what fans thought about the series finale in general.

And I'd like to thank the writers and animators for saving us thousands of dollars we might have otherwise had to spend on therapy during the hiatus for this Jougan peep.




#jougan #jougansupremacy #boruto #boruto293

Fans are currently soaking up the glory of episode 293, with many hailing it as the best ending that fans could've asked for. Some are even celebrating the fact that two different hashtags from the series finale are currently trending on Twitter.

There is a certain sadness in the fandom seeing the anime series go on a hiatus, but the Jogan reveal has filled them with the hope that the future will be some of the best in Shonen. They believe that after the hiatus, Naruto's son will be placed in the same bracket as him in terms of legacy and popularity.

#BORUTO 293 - Farewell (9,9/10)

Very big thanks to every Boruto staff for the amazing journey, happiness, yet tears and pain through time. I can't give more than "thanks", despite the production getting much worse, the staff still give their best effort to it.

Big Respect 🏻‍♂️
Episode Rating:

Numbers can't make up for how good it was 🤩 Literally top 5 episodes in the series, we all thought Borushiki vs Kawashiki was the star episode but THIS WAS IT!! THE STAR EPISODE

#293 solidified itself in the franchise!
From now on if someone tells me that a perfect ending doesn’t exist, I’ll just show them this. I’ll wait for as long as eternity to see that timeskip fight scene, bring it on. #Boruto

The aforementioned tweets make it abundantly clear how good the final episode of Boruto was and how much fans enjoyed the episode. It currently has a 9.9 rating on IMDb, making it the highest-rated episode in the entire series.

Both the anime and manga of the series are producing top-quality content right now and with this episode 293, the makers have successfully reinvigorated the hype in fans with the Jōgan reveal. It will be interesting to see how this unique dojutsu is used after the hiatus and what role it'll play in the storyline.


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