Could Big Mom and Kaido return in One Piece Chapter 1055? (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Chapter 1055 hints seemingly tease Kaido and Big Mom's return, Ryokugyu's loss, and more

With the previous issue's official release having just passed, fans are now looking forward to One Piece Chapter 1055, as well as any information they can find on the chapter. While there is no verifiable spoiler information as of this writing, reputable leakers in the community have been hard at work teasing Twitter fans with various hints.

Some are more obvious, such as one hint that seemingly suggests Ryokugyu’s loss versus either the Akazaya Nine or another yet-seen force. Other One Piece Chapter 1055 hints are much more subtle and open to interpretation, coming in the form of GIFs and other images or videos that seem to convey a specific message.


Follow along as this article fully breaks down all available hints for One Piece Chapter 1055 thus far.

One Piece Chapter 1055 is shaking up to be a divisive chapter based on current hints from reputable sources

The latest hints


As mentioned above, One Piece Chapter 1055 is set to be released this coming Sunday, with spoiler information likely being divulged sometime within the next 24 hours. While fans are anxious for information, leakers are instead choosing to give fans a brain teaser in the form of various hints regarding the upcoming issue’s story content.

Some are very obvious, such as one tweet from reputable series leaker Un-amed. His hint reads "AdmiraLLLLLL's,” almost certainly indicating that Ryokugyu will be taking a loss from either the Akazaya Nine or another yet-seen force. Regardless of how it happens, it almost seems certain that this is what the hint references.

Other hints are much more subtle, such as @YonkouProd’s posting a GIF of famous wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage cutting a promo in the WWF, now known as the WWE. The GIF sees Savage say “you may not like it, but accept it,” which many fans are interpreting as meaning something truly divisive will take place in the coming issue.


This is further supported by a post from one of the best known leakers within the One Piece community, Redon. The lead leaker posted a GIF of Homer Simpson slowly backing into a bush with a straight face, implying that something happens in the upcoming issue that he either dislikes essentially or dislikes what it might do to the community.

@YonkouProd, meanwhile, has posted two other hints which seemingly show his support for whatever this imminent reveal is. One video sees rapper Kendrick Lamar say the slang word “bussin’” before laughing shrilly, while another sees household-name producer DJ Khaled share his infamous “another one” catchphrase.

Combined with the aforementioned Randy Savage GIF, it seems that @YonkouProd is showing support for whatever events are set to be revealed in the next few days. Given their own personal feelings on the Wano arc so far, many fans suspect @YonkouProd is teasing the return of Big Mom and Kaido, whose fate has not been elaborated on since their defeat.


This theory is further supported by a hint from DrumzzTV, which is a GIF of the scene where Kaido launches a Blast Breath at the Straw Hat crew, seemingly killing them. This specific GIF shows Nami seeing and reacting to the attack, likely meant to act symbolically for the coming news regarding the upcoming issue. It could also be a direct tease that the attacker, Kaido, will be returning.

One final hint for One Piece Chapter 1055, available as of this writing, also comes from Redon, which sees Taiga Asaka from Toradora! laughing. One of her nicknames in the series is "Palmtop Tiger," which some fans are interpreting as Fujitora arriving at Wano. This would further play into Un-amed’s aforementioned hint, especially if both Fujitora and Ryokugyu lose at Wano.


While some hints for the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1055 seem more obvious than others, nothing can be said for certain until spoiler information begins leaking. Furthermore, even the exact order of events and author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s true intentions with these events and their dialogue may not be known until the official release.

As a result, while fan speculation on these hints is entertaining, nothing said in this article or teased by leakers should be taken as concrete evidence of the events of One Piece Chapter 1055.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece Chapter 1055 news as the week progresses, as well as the general One Piece anime, film, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary continues.

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