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One Piece Chapter 1068: Everything fans need to know about Sentomaru

After several years of not doing much, Sentomaru is about to make a major play after One Piece Chapter 1068.

The Marine officer rarely shows up in the story. Ever since his introduction in the Summit War Saga, he only made appearances in four arcs. Regardless, he truly makes himself matter when he does. Sentomaru finally made his return in One Piece Chapter 1068.


Based on the initial spoilers, it seems that he will be given control of Vegapunk's defense system on Egghead. However, whether or not he will follow those orders remains to be seen after One Piece Chapter 1068. Sentomaru could alter the flow of the entire arc, depending on his actions.

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Sentomaru plays a crucial role in One Piece Chapter 1068, so here's a quick recap about him


He is Vegapunk's personal bodyguard

Regarding the recent manga chapters of One Piece, where in the world is Sentomaru?

Sentomaru leads the Science Unit of the Marines organization. He is also a bodyguard for their lead scientist Vegapunk. However, the exact nature of their relationship has yet to be developed by One Piece Chapter 1068.

The Marine officer made a few appearances in Saboady Archipelago. Sentomaru often commands the Pacifista to follow his orders. He was forced to deal with the Straw Hat Pirates before and after the timeskip. While he doesn't necessarily have a problem with pirates, he will arrest them on sight.

Sentomaru looks up to Kizaru and even shows a high level of respect for his authority. He also shows a fair amount of regard for Luffy, considering he beat up Demaro Black just for impersonating the Straw Hat.


Sentomaru is a very strong fighter

Long before the World Government decided to get rid of Vegapunk, they made sure to give him a world-class bodyguard. Sentomaru claims to have a very tight defense that cannot be bypassed by anybody. Perhaps he will put his sumo wrestling skills to good use after One Piece Chapter 1068.

Sentomaru is among the first characters to ever display the advanced form of Busoshoku Haki. During the Sabaody Archipelago, he struck down Luffy with Ashigara Dokkoi, all without ever having to hit the Straw Hat. Sentomaru can emit his potent Haki away from his body for long-distance attacks


Keep in mind that Luffy didn't learn this forceful technique until the Wano Country arc. Busoshoku Haki was instrumental to Kaido's defeat since it could get through his dragon scales. Only a select few can master it, which goes to show how powerful Sentomaru is by One Piece Chapter 1068.

It remains to be seen where his loyalties will lie

According to leaked spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1068, Vegapunk is about to fight back against CP0 agents sent to kill him. The scientist used his Shaka satellite to relay orders to Sentomaru. He is giving full control of the Seraphim project to his bodyguard.

With that said, given his affiliation with the World Government, it remains to be seen if Sentomaru will side with Vegapunk over the matter. Remember, their relationship is very unclear at the moment. Anything could really happen in the next few chapters, given Oda's writing style.

The Straw Hats shouldn't have trouble against CP0 agents, but the Seraphim are a different story. Depending on what he does after One Piece Chapter 1068, Scanaru could decide how difficult the Egghead arc will be. He effectively controls what happens going forward.

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