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Eustass Kid's arrival at Elbaf could be setting up a reunion with Luffy beyond One Piece Chapter 1071 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1071: Kid arrives at Elbaf as Garp sets off to rescue Koby from Blackbeard

The spoilers for One Piece chapter 1071 were released this week, despite the series’ official release being on a break due to Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on holiday hiatus. Thankfully, this period of time typically sees mangakas write and submit their issues sooner, resulting in a normal spoiler process for this issue.

One Piece chapter 1071 is an exciting issue, introducing several new plot points for the immediate future of the series. The final saga’s first arc continues to impress fans as it is coveting itself to be the most exciting segment of the series to experience weekly in quite some time.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from One Piece chapter 1071.

One Piece chapter 1071 focuses on the future as Egghead Island arc continues to set up final saga


Destination arrival and help called in One Piece Chapter 1071



One Piece chapter 1071 begins with Bartholomew Kuma finally reaching his previously unknown destination. It’s revealed that he was traveling towards the Red Line, which is where the city of Mariejois sits. This is the city where Kuma was imprisoned before being rescued by Sabo and his group.

Bartholomew Kuma lands by smashing into the Red Line’s cliff face at the Red Port, falling into the city below. Citizens of the Red Port begin crowding around him, correctly identifying him as Kuma and recapping his history as the Celestial Dragons’ invincible slave. As the area is quarantined, Kuma stands up and looks to the sky, his body seemingly even more damaged than it previously was.

One Piece chapter 1071 then shifts perspectives to Egghead Island, where Lucci is commanding CP0 agents to lock down all possible escape routes for Dr. Vegapunk. He even authorizes them to destroy the ships, saying that the situation is still problematic even with the Seraphim on their side.


The first stage of grief is denial

Stussy comments on how Lucci seems determined to ignore the Marines’ orders, saying that he doesn’t acknowledge Luffy as a Yonko. Meanwhile, Vegapunk Shaka updates the Straw Hats on CP0s plans and moves, calling them shrewd destroying all possible escape routes. While Vegapunk Lilith wants revenge, Vegapunk Pythagoras comments on how CP0 likely won’t make it to the lab stratum.

Dr. Vegapunk says that CP0 won’t let them leave without a fight as Vegapunk York continues to eat. Vegapunk Edison shares that he has just come up with a new invention, while Vegapunk Shaka berates Lilith for wanting to attack with a thoughtless plan. The latter questions why they can’t retaliate, prompting Shaka to remind her that the top priority is Dr. Vegapunk’s escape.

One Piece chapter 1071 then sees Dr. Vegapunk lamenting what happened to Sentomaru, as Pythagoras teases about having one more ally on Egghead that they can call on. However, Edison comments on how the course of actions will risk the Straw Hats as well, adding that they’ll have nowhere left to hide in that case.

Sabo after finding out that Kuma went back to MarieJois after they barely freed him from Celestial Dragons

Meanwhile, Dr. Vegapunk calls a mystery person and asks for help, with the person's responding that they’ve “always been prepared for this order.” The former excitedly shares that help is on the way as he hangs up, with the Vegapunk Satellites celebrating escape for all except for Dr. Vegapunk, the Stella body.


He then shares that all seven of the Vegapunks will be coming, including the currently-injured Vegapunk Atlas who isn’t present with the others. Meanwhile, in the lab’s interior, Jewelry Bonney is running away from Monkey D. Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper, looking to confront Vegapunk about both her father and Vegapunk’s “using bugs against [Bonney].”

Defenses down causes bouts to begin in One Piece chapter 1071

He keeps interrupting Zoro's sleep lol...

One Piece chapter 1071 then sees a sudden announcement, which confirms that the Lab Stratum Frontier Dome defenses are now offline. As per the Vegapunk Satellites, no one is in the control room. Meanwhile, CP0 questions if this is a trap, citing that such a sudden malfunction seems “a little too convenient.”

The group then uses Skywalk to ascend to the Lab Stratum, commenting on how fate has abandoned Dr. Vegapunk, considering the timing of the malfunction. The three spot the Thousand Sunny and the ancient robot, prompting Lucci to say they must destroy the ship. Kaku launches a Tempest Kick Sky Slicer at the ship, seemingly spelling doom for the Straw Hats’ home.

However, One Piece chapter 1071 sees Zoro wake up at the perfect moment, deflecting the attack and saving the ship. He questions who interrupted his nap, while Kaku is shocked to see him on the ship. Pythagoras shares that the Frontier Dome is back online, but the CP0 agents have already infiltrated, making the Thousand Sunny vulnerable.


One of the Vegapunks comments on how Zoro and Kaku are already fighting each other, which shows the two engaged in close range combat. Lilith excitedly says that they get to go to war after all, as Luffy and his group finally arrive and reunite with their crewmates. However, the Straw Hats' captain is disappointed to hear that they’re already leaving, saying they shouldn’t rush this opportunity.


One Piece chapter 1071 then shows the other Straw Hats comment on the state of the situation. As Luffy asks if anyone has seen Bonney, Nico Robin comments on how Dr. Vegapunk is gone. The issue then cuts to Bonney chasing Dr. Vegapunk, asking him a simple yes or no question of if the scientist can turn her father, Bartholomew Kuma, back into his fully human self.

Dr. Vegapunk sadly shares that he can’t but has a reason why this can’t be done. One Piece Chapter 1071 then shifts its perspective back to “somewhere in the waters of the New World,” where Eustass Kid and the Kid Pirates are sailing. Killer tells Kid to wake up, saying that they’re near land and asking if they should go look around.

Arrivals at Elbaf as Garp sets off in One Piece Chapter 1071

Run it back. Kid will be the first victim of her comeback.

Kid questions why Killer is even asking since he’s never passed on exploring an island before. The latter retorts that this island is likely Elbaf, the home of the Giants, which piques Kid’s interest. This seems to support a popular fan theory that claims that the “man marked by flames” whom Kid mentioned at the end of Wano is Jaguar D. Saul, who is currently on Elbaf.

One Piece Chapter 1071 then focuses on the G-14 Naval Base. Vice Admiral Doll is speaking with Vice Admiral Garp, telling him that the entire base is about to head over to Egghead and that they can’t spare any men. The latter laughingly tells her not to be like that, but Doll responds that his wanting to launch an offensive against a Yonko is no joke.

Doll further questions if Garp has cleared this with “the top brass,” but the latter questions why he would do such a thing. The former questions how he’s had such a long career with the Marines by being this way, but Garp tells her it’s fine, saying that she shouldn’t worry about it and that he’s already at G-14 anyway.


One Piece Chapter 1071 then sees Garp arriving at the base, yelling for Helmeppo to come outside. People in the base question if it’s a pirate attack before seeing Garp’s ship, prompting Helmeppo to come to the window and share that he wanted to see his former teacher. Helmeppo shares that Koby has been captured by Blackbeard, lamenting his inability to help his friend.


Garp responds that his whimpering is hard to watch, saying that he needs to get on board already so they can head to Hachinosu and save Koby. In the final panel of the issue, Helmeppo and Hibari (a member of SWORD), cry out Garp’s name in excitement for finally going to rescue Koby.

In summation

#ONEPIECE1071 Oda Oda Oda Oda Oda Oda Oda Oda!!!



Sooo many things happened in just a few pages twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

One Piece Chapter 1071 is a fascinating issue that sets up many exciting plot points for the series’ immediate future. Kuma’s return to the Mariejois area, Kid’s arrival at Elbaf, Dr. Vegapunk’s mysterious conspirator and his reason for not turning Kuma back are all set up or introduced in this incredible issue.

What is especially exciting is Garp’s decision to rescue Koby, as well as the potential fallout it may have with Yonko-World Government relationships. This would be especially true if Blackbeard ended up successfully stealing Law’s Devil Fruit in their fight seen in several issues prior to One Piece chapter 1071.

While a Garp versus Blackbeard fight seems like it would end with a predictable outcome, the former is known as the “Hero of the Marines” who once stood against Rocks D. Xebec and his group. With this in mind, fans can expect Garp to at least give Blackbeard a run for his money and finally get a chance to see him seriously fight an opponent.


Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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