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  • One Piece chapter 1093 raw scans: Kizaru debuts a new move which catches Luffy off-guard, and more
One Piece chapter 1093 raw scans: Kizaru debuts a new move as Straw Hats scramble to salvage escape plan (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece chapter 1093 raw scans: Kizaru debuts a new move which catches Luffy off-guard, and more

One Piece chapter 1093’s alleged raw scans were released on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, bringing with them an exciting early look at the chapter’s illustrations. Likewise, the alleged raw scans have also seemingly corroborated the various text-based spoilers for the issue from earlier on in the week.

While both the text-based spoilers and raw scans are not considered official sources, they’re typically reliable enough for fans to discuss an issue’s events in a canonical context. As a result, fans are already excitedly discussing what One Piece chapter 1093 seemingly has to offer them, prior to the issue’s official release via Shueisha this coming Monday, September 25.


One of the most exciting aspects of One Piece chapter 1093, according to most fans, stems from how evenly matched Admiral Kizaru and a Gear 5 Luffy seem to be. Fans are also discussing the issue’s final moments, which seemingly set up Saint Jaygarcia Saturn to make a major move in the next release, which will unfortunately be delayed by one week, due to a series break.

One Piece chapter 1093 raw scans cement Luffy and Kizaru as a more even fight than fans first thought


Raw scans

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One Piece chapter 1093’s raw scans begin with a look at the issue’s cover page, which seems to be a reader request featuring Helmeppo and Koby. In the cover page, the duo's glasses appear to have been stolen by some tarsiers. Helmeppo is angrily shouting for his back from the ground, while Koby sheepishly climbs the tree to try and get their glasses back.

Diving into the issue’s story content, it begins with Luffy still holding Kizaru in his hands above the control room. Luffy then winds up and throws Kizaru to the defense system’s boundary, while Dr. Vegapunk and Vegapunk Atlas seemingly work on something else. Franky and Lilith are then seen getting the Franky Shogun ready to go, while Jinbe and Sanji appear to be moving Dr. Vegapunk’s cargo out of his lab.

Meanwhile, in the Fabrio-phase, One Piece chapter 1093 shows some Marines had fought Jewelry Bonney, with many having had their ages changed due to her unnamed Devil Fruit. Bonney is shown to be hiding behind some debris as Sentomaru is shown, starting a flashback which reveals that Sentomaru caught her when she fell. However, he passed out immediately thereafter, with Bonney now trying to buy time and survive.

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The issue then returns to the Labo-phase, where Zoro and Lucci are continuing their fight. Lucci is in his Awakened form, while Zoro appears to be using his Advanced Conqueror’s Haki based on the flame-like wisps rising around his swords. Meanwhile, Kizaru is seemingly about to hit the ocean when he turns himself into light and begins flying back towards Luffy.


One Piece chapter 1093 then sees several light clones of Kizaru appear before Luffy, shocking him greatly. The clones use light swords and inflict some damage on Luffy, before he uses a Gum-Gum Stamp to finish them all off in one blow. However, this also reveals that the real Kizaru has escaped, shown to be in the control room looking for Dr. Vegapunk.

At this moment, Dr. Vegapunk, Vegapunk Atlas, and Sanji are revealed to be heading to the Fabrio-Phase in the VegaTank. Kizaru attacks the vehicle, but Luffy arrives just in time, absorbing and redirecting Kizaru’s light elsewhere. The Vegatank group then makes it to the Fabrio-phase, overriding Kizaru’s orders to the Mark III Pacifista successfully. The chapter then ends with a shot of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn staring menacingly.

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