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One Piece chapter 1100 full summary: Kuma crosses paths with Luffy after bidding Bonney goodbye (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1100 full summary: Kuma crosses paths with Luffy after bidding Bonney goodbye

Tuesday, November 28, 2023, saw the alleged full summary spoilers for One Piece chapter 1100 be released, bringing an exciting look at a jam-packed chapter. While Kuma’s flashback is still the primary focus, a host of cameos can be found within, including those of Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy.

The One Piece chapter 1100 spoilers also give some clarity as to why Kuma agreed to the World Government’s terms and why Bonney hates Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. While nothing is confirmed officially until the Shueisha release, the typically reliable spoilers promise an exciting installment later this week.


One Piece chapter 1100 seemingly sets up a meeting between Kuma and Luffy

Full summary of spoilers

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One Piece chapter 1100 full summary spoilers claim the issue picks up exactly where the prior left off. Kizaru and other Marines have entered Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratory, where it’s explained that Dr. Vegapunk has yet to realize the spy Transponder Snails inside his new lab. Kizaru presents Saint Jaygarcia Saturn’s Transponder Snail.


The Gorosei member claims he’s well aware of the illegal negotiations Dr. Vegapunk made with Bartholomew Kuma. However, he’s willing to allow the deal since Kuma would make such a great host for the clones, but only if Kuma accepts three conditions. He must become a Shichibukai to replace one defeated by Portgas D. Ace a few days prior; he must become a human weapon, and his mind must be erased when his surgeries are done.

In One Piece chapter 1100, spoilers claim Dr. Vegapunk furiously protests the third condition. However, Saturn replies to him very matter-of-factly, saying that the Marine scientist is in no position to argue with him. It’s then revealed that even under such harsh conditions, Kuma cried tears of joy upon hearing that Bonney could be saved.

Saint Saturn forces Kuma's and Vegapunk's hands in One Piece chapter 1100 (Image via Toei Animation)

Dr. Vegapunk then explained that Bonney’s surgery would take six months and that she would need to rest for a year before going outside again. However, Kuma’s surgery will take two full years to be complete. Saturn then explains that Bonney will be their hostage to ensure that Kuma doesn’t run away with her once she’s cured, which means she’ll be in World Government custody for one year.


In One Piece chapter 1100, spoilers claim Saturn promises to release Bonney once Kuma’s mind is erased. Then, to prevent them from running away together, Kuma is forbidden from reuniting with Bonney ever again following her six-month surgery. Kuma agrees to all these conditions but asks if Bonney can be sent to the Sorbet Kingdom so she doesn’t discover the truth of their deal. Saturn agrees to this.

A montage of Kuma, Bonney, Sentomaru, and Dr. Vegapunk spending time together and growing close over the next six months is then seen. Kizaru is also shown to be very close with them, joining in on a pizza party and dancing with them. The processes of Bonney and Kuma’s surgeries are also shown during this time.

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In One Piece chapter 1100, spoilers claim Bonney is shown returning to the Sorbet Kingdom after her surgery. Conney and others welcome her before heading to the church to live there for a year under a medical team’s care. The team is revealed to be World Government agents, with their leader being a female CP8 agent named Alpha.

Before this, however, Kuma is shown to be saying goodbye to Bonney, thanking her for being born in what will be their final farewell. The young Bonney laughs in return, unaware that this is the final time she’ll see her father. Kuma then goes to sea to do his duty as a new Shichibukai, with another montage showing the reactions of various characters to his debut.

One Piece chapter 1100 specifically sees the reactions of the original seven Shichibukai, Nico Robin (then known as Miss All Sunday), Gloriosa (also known as Elder Nyon), Aliva, Koby, Monkey D. Dragon, Sabo, Koala, and Ace. After the montage, Kuma is seen writing a letter to Bonney, where he says he’s exploring many islands they can visit together in the future.


The final page of the chapter then shifts to Foosha village, where a teenaged Luffy is running away from a tiger in a forest. Kuma’s ship is seen arriving in Foosha village in the last panel when he gets a Transponder Snail call. The World Government agent says they have an order for him, prompting Kuma to say he’s in the East Blue and ask what it is. The spoilers also claim that there is no break for the series next week.

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