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  • One Piece chapter 1100 raw scans: Vegapunk rages and Kuma cries over Saint Saturn's offer for Bonney's salvation
One Piece chapter 1100 raw scans: Vegapunk rages and Kuma cries over Saint Saturn's offer for Bonney's salvation (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1100 raw scans: Vegapunk rages and Kuma cries over Saint Saturn's offer for Bonney's salvation

The alleged raw scans for One Piece chapter 1100 were released on Wednesday, November 28, 2023, and brought with them a unique look at the issue following text-based spoilers. Of primary concern, however, is that the raw scans do seemingly corroborate the aforementioned leaks, suggesting that fans can consider these alleged spoilers to be true.

Likewise, fans are honing in on how the One Piece chapter 1100 raw scans elevate the text-based spoilers, with Dr. Vegapunk and Bartholomew Kuma’s appearances being cited. The rage and joy that each of these characters respectively show in response to Saint Jagyarcia Saturn’s proposition for Bonney’s salvation is a fantastic addition to previously leaked info.


One Piece chapter 1100 details Kuma and Bonney’s surgeries, Dr. Vegapunk’s anger and frustration, and more

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One Piece chapter 1100 raw scans begin with a cover page, which seems to be a fan request showing Sanji cooking dinner for Usopp and a bunny rabbit. Usopp is thinking about the members of his Usopp Pirates from Syrup Village, who are the young boys known as Ninjin, Piiman, and Tamanegi.

The issue then dives into its story content, where now-Admiral Kizaru has arrived at Egghead Island. Kizaru seemingly reveals that he and the Marines who followed him here were told to do so by Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. The latter knew what Dr. Vegapunk was up to thanks to the spy Transponder Snails hidden in the lab.


One Piece chapter 1100 then sees Saturn begin speaking to Dr. Vegapunk via Transponder Snail, seemingly being very stern and angry with the Marine scientist. Kuma is shown to be apprehensive of the situation, silently listening for most of the conversation. Saturn then says something that causes Dr. Vegapunk to become furious, while Kuma simply buries his head in his hands and seemingly begins crying.

Saturn's demands for Kuma and Bonney infuriate Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece chapter 1100 (Image via Toei Animation)

It’s confirmed that Kuma is crying, but out of joy rather than sadness. Bonney and Sentomaru are then seen running around Egghead Island, as Kuma continues crying and seemingly negotiating with Saturn on his and Bonney’s surgeries. Dr. Vegapunk becomes furious once again, but it seems that Kuma decides to agree to the Gorosei’s demands nevertheless.

One Piece chapter 1100 raw scans then see Dr. Vegapunk and his assistants get to work in preparing for Bonney and Kuma’s surgeries, with Kizaru staying behind. The four of them and Sentomaru are then seen eating and hanging out together, as well as dancing and clearly growing closer. This happens as Bonney and Kuma receive their respective surgeries, with Bonney’s concluding first in a complete success.


Bonney is then placed into the care of a medical team who are seemingly World Government agents. Kuma then brings Bonney and the medical team back to the Sorbet Kingdom, where they reunite with Conney and others before setting up Bonney and her “medical team” in the church. Kuma then says goodbye to Bonney here before becoming a pirate, and more specifically becoming a Shichibukai as Saturn had apparently demanded.

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The other original members of the Shichibukai are seen reacting to this, as are Alvida, Koby, Nico Robin (then called Miss All Sunday), Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Dragon, Sabo, Koala, and Hack. One Piece chapter 1100 raw scans then cut to Kuma’s ship, where he’s receiving a letter from a news coo as the narrator says something.

The final panels of the issue then shockingly reveal Kuma to be at Foosha Village, with Luffy present on the island and shown being chased by a tiger as he arrives. However, Kuma seemingly receives a Transponder Snail call as he arrives at the island. Excitingly, the raw scans seemingly confirm that there is no planned break for the series next week.

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