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One Piece chapter 1101 full summary: Bonney's great escape successful thanks to her true Devil Fruit powers (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1101 full summary: Bonney's great escape successful thanks to her true Devil Fruit powers

One Piece chapter 1101’s full summary spoilers were released on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, bringing with them the exciting continuation of the final act of Bartholomew Kuma’s flashback. The various situations that have been in focus for the flashback have started coming to a head, culminating in two incredibly exciting events.

One Piece chapter 1101 also answers some long-standing questions from earlier segments of the Kuma flashback, such as the familiar faces of Bonney’s crew members. Overall, the alleged full summary spoilers for the upcoming installment of Eiichiro Oda’s smash-hit manga series paint an exciting picture.


One Piece chapter 1101 sees Kuma link up with Luffy ahead of the origin story of the Bonney Pirates

Full summary spoilers

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One Piece chapter 1101’s alleged full summary spoilers begin with a flashback inside of the larger Kuma flashback. Here, Kuma is seen remembering a trip he took to the Goa Kingdom with the Revolutionary Army. He mentions how Dragon seems to know a lot about the country and how he once visited a village just outside of it to observe a certain boy.


Dragon tells Kuma to keep talking only if he wants to die, adding that a child is a parent’s weakness. Kuma says he understands and that he won’t look into it anymore. The mini-flashback ends, and the focus returns to the larger Kuma flashback. Here, Kuma has entered Mt. Colubo and is observing a 16-year-old Luffy practicing his Gum-Gum Battle Axe attack.

One Piece chapter 1101 then sees Kuma get the call from the World Government, with Luffy hearing the sound and sensing a chilling presence nearby. However, by the time he turns to look, Kuma is already gone. Luffy chalks it up to a strong animal in the forest that he hasn’t beaten yet, while Kuma is shown helping a merchant ship attacked by pirates whom he forces to surrender.

Luffy and Kuma come close to a premature meeting in One Piece chapter 1101 (Image via Toei Animation)

The alleged spoilers then claim that the entire chapter features narration from Kuma’s letters to Bonney, talking about how he loves her and will travel to all the islands he’s visiting one day. However, a shift back to the Sorbet Kingdom reveals that Kuma’s letters are being intercepted and destroyed by Alpha. Bonney is shown waiting for letters that will never arrive.


One Piece chapter 1101 then confirms that Bonney has yet to reveal her Devil Fruit powers to Alpha and the medical team, with Conney instructing her to keep hiding her powers. Kuma, meanwhile, is seen visiting Dr. Vegapunk’s lab on Egghead Island, where he meets Stussy’s clone. She asks him whether it’s more unfortunate to be a human without consciousness or a clone with consciousness, obviously referencing their respective life circumstances.

Dr. Vegapunk, who now has his apple-head, yells at Stussy that she is a human. He then explains to Kuma that once the modification to his brain is complete, he won’t have any memories or emotions left. However, he promises to allow Kuma to keep his consciousness until the very last minute, as it’s revealed that one year remains until his surgery is completed.

Kuma's final year is seemingly spent fighting for his comrades as well as his daughter, according to One Piece chapter 1101 (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1101 then shows Kuma helping the Revolutionary Army from time to time, but apparently doing so in complete silence. Dragon and the others are certain there’s a reason behind this strange behavior but are unable to figure it out for themselves. Meanwhile, at the Sorbet Kingdom, Bonney is celebrating her ninth birthday but is dejected by still having none of her father’s letters arrive.

The chapter then jumps ahead to one year after Bonney’s surgery ended, which means she has now completely recovered. However, Alpha refuses to let her go outside until her 10th birthday, likely due to Kuma’s surgeries still having time left. Conney, meanwhile, discovers that Alpha and her medical team are, in fact, World Government agents.

Finding the situation very unusual, Conney and others plan Bonney’s escape. They have the strongest fisherman from the Sorbet Kingdom (Gyogyo, Totsu, and Poteto) take Bonney to sea in order to help her find Kuma. They remodel a fishing vessel into a pirate ship, decorating it to look like pizza for Bonney. Spoilers claim the ship looks similar to the Jewelry Margherita but appears to be different.

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In any case, Conney and Bonney then switch clothes, allowing Bonney to stop outside for the first time. She slips past the guards successfully and reaches the ship, but Alpha recognizes the plot and chases after her using Geppo. As Alpha rushes at her, Bonney (in her child form) recalls when she asked Kuma what Nika looks like.


One Piece chapter 1101 shows Kuma telling her that all he knows is that Nika’s body has a rubbery quality and that he can fight any way he wants. Bonney then uses her Distortion Future attack, commanding her powers to transform her into a future where she becomes like Nika.

This leads to a double spread in the final pages of the chapter, which see her hit Alpha with a giant punch similar to Luffy’s Gear 3, allowing her to escape from the Sorbet Kingdom.

The narrator explains that the World Government is immediately made aware of Bonney’s escape, adding that her ship has set out to find Kuma. However, it soon turns into a pirate ship of the new era, rivaling Luffy and others from the Worst Generation. The chapter ends with the unfortunate news that there will be a series break next week.

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