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  • One Piece episode 1077: Why Momonosuke is the right choice for Wano's next shogun, explained
One Piece episode 1077: Why Momonosuke is the right choice for Wano's next shogun, explained (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1077: Why Momonosuke is the right choice for Wano's next shogun, explained

With the release of One Piece episode 1077 last weekend, fans saw the exile of the Akazaya Nine and the surviving Kozuki clan members officially end following Kaido’s defeat. Having revealed themselves to the citizens of Wano, the start of a new era without the reign of terror of Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi has officially begun.

However, as was teased in the final moments of One Piece episode 1077, the announcement about the new shogun of Wano will be following Orochi’s defeat. While some fans speculated it would be Hiyori Kozuki, this doesn’t seem to be the case, given her appearing before the Wano citizens prior to Denjiro’s announcement of the new shogun.


With the new shogun all but officially announced to be Momonosuke as of One Piece episode 1077’s final moments, some fans are expressing confusion on why he was chosen. However, when considering Momonosuke’s story arc and general aspects of his character itself, it becomes clear that he is the preferable choice over Hiyori.

One Piece episode 1077’s Hiyori reveal to Wano citizens demonstrates why Momonosuke is better as shogun


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Before diving into why Momonosuke is the right choice, there’s actually a key scene in One Piece episode 1077 that highlights why making Hiyori shogun would be the "wrong" choice. As evidenced when she revealed herself to the Wano citizens, the general populace feels a personal connection to Hiyori via her time in hiding as the oiran Komurasaki.

Although one could argue that this makes her perfect for the role of shogun, she’s actually better served as a liaison between the Wano government and its people because of this connection. It will also give the people of Wano a sense of having a direct line to the shogunate, whereas Momonosuke may not inspire that confidence if he were to take Hiyori’s role and she his.

Similarly, the descent of the Onigashima Raid storyline into One Piece episode 1077 has also established that Momonosuke has what it takes to defend Wano when it counts. Considering how heavily his Devil Fruit has been teased as being based on Kaido’s, this also suggests that he can match the Yonko’s offensive power as well as his more support-based abilities.

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With Kozuki Oden’s legacy being one of rising to defend Wano whenever it was demanded, it also makes sense to have the Devil Fruit wielding Momonosuke continue this legacy. This will become even more important now that Wano is no longer a Yonko’s territory, suggesting that other pirate crews and possibly even Marine forces will come to claim the country for themselves.

Speaking of Kozuki Oden, it also makes the most sense to have his son continue his legacy as the benevolent and protective shogun of Wano. In a way, Momonosuke has already established himself as continuing this legacy by organizing the Pirate Ninja Mink Samurai alliance. With this in mind, it solidifies him as the proper choice for the next shogun of Wano considering the official success of the raid as confirmed in One Piece episode 1077.

While both Hiyori and Momonosuke are good choices for the next shogun of Wano, it’s clear that Momonosuke is the better choice due to his Devil Fruit powers and role in freeing Wano. Likewise, the rapport Hiyori has established with the country’s citizens as Komurasaki makes her more suited to be a representative of the Wano government whom the citizens can depend on.


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