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Momonosuke as seen in the One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece episode 1078 preview marks the beginning of the end of Wano arc

One Piece episode 1078, titled He Returns! The Shogun of the Land of Wano, Kozuki Momonosuke, will be released on October 1, 2023, at 9:30 am JST.

The fight between the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance against the Animal Kingdom Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates has been ongoing for a considerable time. Finally, with the deaths of Orochi and Kaido, Wano is free from their tyranny.


Orochi Kurozumi formerly held the position of Shogun in Wano, while Kaido operated from the shadows, pulling the strings. Under their rule, the unsuspecting and hungry citizens were fed faulty SMILE fruits that made them laugh incessantly. Moreover, Kaido had plans to force everyone into his weapons factory and work them to death once the war ended.

Naturally, with both of them gone, a new era is about to begin for the people of Wano.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the One Piece anime. Readers be advised.


One Piece episode 1078 preview declares Momonosuke as the new shogun of Wano


What to expect in One Piece episode 1078?

Adult Momonosuke's silhouette as seen in the preview for One Piece episode 1078 (Image via Toei Animation)

Hiyori, Denjiro, and the remaining Nine Red Scabbards were seen emerging from the smoke of the volcanic eruption caused by Kaido's body falling into the Earth's magma. Denjiro then stated that it was time to introduce the people of Wano to their new shogun.

One Piece episode 1078 preview reveals that Momonosuke will step into the role of Wano's new shogun. Viewers can expect to see Momonosuke address the people of Wano, where he will declare that the tyrannical reign of Kaido and Orochi has ended, and now everyone is free. He then promises to uphold his father's principles and restore Wano to its former glory.


Even before he declares in One Piece episode 1078, viewers have already seen his dedication to safeguarding his people, as he chose to keep Wano's borders closed for the time being.

A quick summary of One Piece episode 1077

Denjiro as seen in the One Piece anime (Image via Toei Animation)

In the latest One Piece episode, Kaido's body crashed through the Earth's crust and into the magma below. On the other hand, if Yamato had not arrived on time to save him, Luffy might have suffered a similar fate. Luffy's victory over Kaido led to celebrations among the samurai, pirates, and their allies.

However, this newfound freedom came at the price of many lives, including Oden's and, as shown in the previous episode, that of Toko's father, Yasui. Yasui had sacrificed himself to ensure that the people of Wano could have a future where they could stand up against tyrants.

Meanwhile, Momonosuke decided not to open Wano's borders to protect the people. However, when he met them in the Flower Capital, they were terrified of him, mistaking him for Kaido. The episode ended with Hiyori, Denjiro, and others appearing, ready to introduce them to their new shogun.

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